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Modular Assembly & Dining Halls

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Here at Cotaplan we offer our clients new and second-hand refurbished modular dining halls appropriate for students to relax and enjoy their breakfast or lunch. We offer our dining/assembly halls in a variety of sizes that best suit our clients. Depending on how many students will be using the hall usually helps our clients to make a decision on what size hall they are in need of.

Feeding Capacities our dining hall designs allow are:


Smaller units can feed up to 500 people


Larger units can feed up to 3,000 people


Multiple units are capable of 10,000+ meals per day

Portable Dining Halls

If you rent one of our portable halls from Cotaplan and you need it extended or reduced for whatever reason after construction, we will restructure the design so the hall fully meets your requirements. The length of your rental for a mobile dining/assembly facility is also based on your requirements. We offer short-term rentals right up to long-term rental such as five years.

Extra facilities that we are able to offer in our portable hall designs are, fully functioning kitchens, food preparation areas with storage for food serving equipment, toilets and also large cold stores to keep dairy and meat items fresh.

Our canteens provide a quick and cost-effective alternative compared to a traditional brick build dining area. We have a great reputation for manufacturing our dining/assembly halls promptly and exactly to what our clients require. The majority of our clients that have bought our portable halls are usually satisfied with every aspect and have found they can use the hall for the purpose it was designed for without any complications.

Depending on what elements of the assembly/dining halls you require, for example, kitchen facilities, toilet facilities, wheelchair access, chairs and tables to be included, will determine how long the construction of your portable hall will take before you are able to make full use of it.

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