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Blast-Resistant Modular Buildings

At Cotaplan, we specialise in providing high-quality pre-fabricated constructions for all kinds of facilities. Our blast-resistant modular buildings are the perfect choice for a complete range of spaces. Thanks to the intelligent design of our pre-fabricated materials, they are fully versatile and can be used to create a variety of on-site facilities. This can include anything from on-site accommodation to welfare suites or more practical working spaces for daily use.

In addition to standard sizes to fit in with existing layouts, we can provide completely bespoke blast-resistant alternatives. That means your facility has the freedom to expand as it requires. With our blast-resistant modular buildings, you can ensure complete employee safety without having to compromise in terms of comfort or convenience.

Why Do You Need Blast-Resistant Steel Buildings?

Ensuring the security and safety of your employees is of the utmost important. If they carry out maintenance in industries which require the handling of hazardous materials, then it can be difficult to ensure complete safety. Today, one of the most effective ways in securing your employee’s safety is to provide blast-resistant modular buildings. Safe on-site accommodation and welfare suites are essential for hazardous industries.

Most of us only really consider the risks involved with potentially dangerous industries when an accident does occur. However, thanks to blast-resistant steel buildings, you can seriously limit the damage caused by an accident of this type. Our hard-wall, pre-fabricated structures can offer the highest levels of safety and security against powerful explosions and other industry accidents.

If an accident does occur, an effective pre-fabricated building could make all the difference when it comes to your employee’s health. Our hard-wall constructions can prevent serious injury and help to contain explosions in the smallest possible area.

The Benefits Of Cotaplan’s Blast-Resistant Modular Buildings

Our blast-resistant steel modular buildings can help to save lives and limit injuries. They are essential for use in military facilities as well as oil and gas operations, and even refineries with a risk of explosion. Our portable constructions offer a range of advantages over traditional constructions, including:

  • Time – These pre-fabricated steel constructions can be assembled in just a few short days. That means your facility can be up and running, with high levels of safety, in just a short time.
  • Cost – As they are much quicker to assemble, you will save a great deal in terms of labour. In addition, the materials are much cheaper to manufacture than traditional building projects.
  • Quality – Our blast-resistant materials are pre-fabricated. They are manufactured off-site, and conform to high-quality factory conditions. You can be assured that you’ll never receive a faulty unit, as our models are tested before they leave the factory floor.
  • Protection – Our portable steel buildings are not only effective against explosions. They can also offer high-levels of protection against toxic gases and even acidic spillages.
  • Bespoke – Our blast-resistant modular constructions can be designed to meet your requirements. We can quickly and easily help you to realise the layout that will offer the most comfort and practicality to your employees, without compromising in terms of safety.

What Blast-Resistant Buildings Can Be Created?

In addition to our versatile standard sizes, we can create bespoke designs from our pre-fabricated materials. That means the possibilities are virtually endless for your facility. We can create blast-resistant:

  • Control Rooms.
  • Operator Shelters.
  • Security Booths.
  • Laboratories.
  • Welfare Suites (Toilets, Kitchens, On-Site Accommodation).
  • Office Spaces.
  • Mechanical Workshops.
  • And anything your facility might need!

Choose Cotaplan For Premium Blast-Resistant Modular Buildings In The UK

The Cotaplan team have been providing high-quality modular buildings for more than three decades. Our professionals are some of the most experienced modular builders and designers in the UK. We have worked with businesses from all industries, up and down the country. Our modular constructions can be found in educational facilities, NHS hospitals, construction sites and private businesses.

We manufacture all of our pre-fabricated materials in factory conditions. This means that all of our materials are high-quality and have undergone extensive testing to provide the best possible service. Thanks to their versatility, our modular steel buildings can also be disassembled and adapted as required to suit your changing needs. They are extremely simple to take down, adapt and reassemble as required. This makes the man ideal choice for any facility with changing needs and requirements.

For more than 30 years, our team of modular specialists has worked to deliver high-quality buildings to all kinds of businesses. If your site deals in hazardous materials or potentially dangerous activities, then our portable steel buildings are a necessity.

To protect your employees and your site from accident, choose Cotaplan’s blast-resistant modular buildings today. For more information, get in touch with our professional team on 0800 7999049. Alternatively, you can email us directly at, and we’ll be happy to answer and queries or concerns you might have.