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Modular Hospital Buildings

Looking for additional treatment space in your health establishment? Welcome to Cotaplan.

Here at Cotaplan, our modular building services have been utilised by various health establishments including the NHS in the form of additional treatment space (etc). As experienced modular building experts in the health care sector, we’re familiar with the standards required in additional care space in hospitals and healthcare establishments which is why we’re you’re trusted modular building specialists. For more information on our modular healthcare buildings, contact a member of the Cotaplan team on (0800) 7999049 or, alternatively you can email a member of the team direct at:

Modular construction is very different from what a great deal of people tend to think. It’s not cheap construction, but smart in-house construction which lowers the overall costs of building. The difference between on-site and modular construction is that elements of constructions are made off-site and the parts are then pieced together to form the building on-site. This saves a tremendous amount of working hours thus saving money in labour costs. Using modular buildings in hospitals therefore saves you money which can be put to better use and given to practitioners, doctors, equipment, research, and the like.

Hospital Layouts

Because modular homes can be constructed for one or multi-level buildings your hospital design does not have to be compromised. Modular construction is not limited to a selected number of designs, but is as extensive as in some ways surpasses the abilities of traditional construction. Single level buildings can easily be constructed and pieced together on site. Multi-level can also be put together without a hassle. As more designs are leaning to one and two story buildings, the modular construction is ideal.