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Mobile Office Buildings for Sale

Here at Cotaplan, our modular office systems are constructed to cater for all of your office needs. If you’re expanding, relocating or growing your business, now or in the future, than modular office buildings are the perfect, cost effective option for you.

Eliminating time in labour costs, more and more businesses and institutions are turning to mobile construction methods as it’s the cheaper, economically friendly, modern way of building.

Here at Cotaplan, we have a range of modular offices for sale with superior design finishes to suit your specific preferences. What’s more, you can tailor your mobile office building to suit your company or institution’s needs.

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As an independent business, we nurture our customers and go the extra mile to ensure we deliver a project which meets and exceeds their every expectation. Please see our completed projects page for an insight into the fantastic, award winning work we’ve completed.

What’s a Modular Office?

Modular office systems are the new and convenient way of building. A popular American building method, modular or mobile office buildings are an eco-efficient, convenient and time effective way of achieving impressive building designs.

How Long Does it Take to Construct a Modular Office?

Generally, modular office construction projects are completed in around half of the time it would take to construct a traditional, residential build. A specific time would naturally depend on the size of your mobile office, the materials you choose and the specific features you want your mobile building to have.

With all this, mobile office construction still takes a considerably lower time frame than your traditional residential building.

What Interior Options do I Have for My Mobile Office Building?

Cotaplan’s modular office building designs are adaptable, accommodating each of our client’s specific requirements.

While some of our mobile office clients might prefer to have more of an open plan design, others opt for modular office partitions created a much more defined workspace.

You’re able to choose the interior structure, flooring, colour and specific functions in your modular office building.

For more information on your mobile office interior options, contact a member of the Cotaplan team today on 08007999049 or, alternatively you can email us direct at .

How much are Modular Offices?

Depending on the size, finish and materials used in your modular office, would depend on an accurate price. Here at Cotaplan, our modular office buildings are bespoke designs which can be altered to suit your specific needs. This means your modular building can be as cheap or as luxury as you’d prefer.

For an accurate, provisional quote, contact our team direct on 08007999049 today.

What are Cotaplan Modular Office Buildings Made From?

Mobile office buildings are constructed of various materials, 80% of which are completely recycled aiding in the preservation of the planet.

Here at Cotaplan, you’re able to choose many of the materials used in your mobile office project such as wood, plastic or brick.

For an extensive list of your material options, please contact us direct.

Why Choose Cotaplan?

Here at Cotaplan we’re the proud winners of the Green Apple Award of 2015 for our unrivalled approach to modular building and construction. If you’re looking for modular offices for sale, then contact us today for the best, eco-efficient, cost efficient modular office construction.