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Modular Offices

Is your business expanding?

Are you looking for affordable, eco-friendly or urgent additional space for your business or organisation?

Cotaplan Ltd specialise in providing businesses and organisations with additional office space in the form of modular office buildings.

Modular buildings are time efficient (taking up to 50% less time to build than your traditional brick buildings), cheaper than traditional buildings and economically friendly: perfect for businesses looking for urgent additional accommodation for their staff members.

For more information on our modular offices for sale or hire; contact a member of our friendly team now on 08007999049 or, alternatively, you can email a member of the Cotaplan team direct at

Why Opt for a Modular Office?

When you need to expand, relocate or restructure your business, a new modular office guarantees you the ideal economic solution for both temporary and long term growth.

This new, innovative building techniques is becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK with more and more people recognising the cost effective benefits the structures propose. What’s more: if you ever decide to relocate, Cotaplan can disassemble and relocate your offices at any time.

How are Modular Office Structures Constructed?

One great aspect of modular office solutions is the unconventional construction method this building type uses. Instead of assembling your modular building on location, we actually build them in the Cotaplan warehouse, it’s then transported to your chosen location and assembled safely, on site.

The end result is an office space, constructed with minimal disruptions, to the highest standards, in a clean and safe environment.

Modular offices are designed to meet your specific aesthetic requirements here at Cotaplan. We create bespoke, superior designs to meet virtually any budget and style choice with a fine attention to detail.

You choose your modular office floor plans, your designs and the materials used in your modular office receiving a finished, assembled building which, no doubt, will meet and exceed your every expectation.

Modular offices mean a safer build environment

Reducing activity at the site is an important factor when choosing to build anything, and this consideration is even more pronounced when the site happens to be in a more safety conscious setting such as a school or hospital.

Aside from having potentially dangerous building activity take place elsewhere, works road traffic is also greatly reduced – considerably lowering the risks of a vehicle based accident.

Safety is a priority at Cotaplan and the Quality Assurance, Quality Control protocols are independently inspected – which in itself helps to promote the very highest standards in every one of our builds, ensuring the quality and safety of every modular building that we produce.

Our commitment doesn’t end there, though. Cotaplan takes sustainability just as seriously, reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible. No matter what your budget we can source ex-stock panels (floors and ceiling) to keep your costs down.

Structurally sound projects – Delivered

Offices, reception areas and even site offices are just some of the everyday builds we are known more, but for those looking for a modular build supplier for the for more ambitious building projects – take a look at the South Downs College Dance Studio we constructed.

Our buildings are not restricted to industry, case use nor are they strictly temporary structures. Modular building projects can be as permanent or as temporary as the situation demands, with external fascias to suit the surroundings if required, or to order as the client sees fit.

Every build is able to come fully inclusive of foundations, drainage and service connections such as gas, water and electricity.

Modular buildings from Cotaplan are not restricted to single storey structures, either, meaning that we can provide office and classroom space for every conceivable need and situation.

In short, just a few of the advantages of going modular could be counted as being…

  • Reduced construction time
  • Minimised disruption onsite
  • Consistent quality
  • Financially attractive
  • Healthcare Modular Offices

East Surrey Hospital – Paediatrics Offices
Wigan Hospital – Medical Offices
Rochdale PCT – Temporary Doctors Offices
Peasley Cross Clinic – Office accommodation

Public Services

Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield