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Modular Storage Buildings

Here at Cotaplan, we are able to provide bespoke modular storage buildings for construction sites and a variety of other spaces. It can be next to impossible finding a safe, secure space to store your building materials, especially when you’re contending with inclement weather. Wind, rain or even too much sun can cause lasting damage to your building materials. As you’ll know, this can put an entire project behind while you wait for replacement materials, or cause the finished product to be sub-standard.

Of course, these modular storage constructions aren’t just suitable for building sites. They can be essential additions for gardens and farms or even private homes. If you’re looking for a secure space to store your tools or other valuable equipment, one of our modular storage buildings could be the perfect solution for you.

The Benefits Of Modular Storage Buildings

External, stand-alone storage constructions can make a real difference to your site. This is true for both permanent and temporary buildings. Pre-fabricated storage buildings offer a range of advantages over traditionally-built alternatives. Brick-and-mortar buildings are much less flexible, versatile and practical than portable, pre-fabricated designs.

Modular buildings offer significant advantages over conventional buildings, including:

  • A Shorter Construction Time – Thanks to many of the materials in use being pre-fabricated, the building itself can be erected in an extremely short time scale. This means that you can take full advantage of a safe, secure and dry space within a matter of days, rather than months! By employing an accelerated production style, you could quickly and easily get the building completed before conventional methods had even acquired building approval.
  • Reduced Site Disruption – Whether you’re installing these spacious buildings on a construction site, at a central location for roadwork operations or even in your own backyard, the process will be much quicker and more convenient than traditional construction. That means your site will suffer the minimum possible amount of disruption, enabling you to get on with your work, or your daily life.
  • More Consistent Quality – Pre-fabricated storage buildings are largely manufactured in factory conditions. That means that quality control is built into every step of the construction process. Each component is scrutinised at every phase of the installation and is guaranteed to meet industry standards as well as our own high-quality specifications. Our high-quality promise doesn’t just end at our materials either. We are dedicated to providing a premium service with streamlined scheduling. Modular building construction is never delayed by weather conditions and are always completed to schedule.
  • A Flexible Alternative To Conventional Construction – Thanks to modular design, you can create a temporary or permanent construction. At Cotaplan, we can create durable, securable and relocatable buildings to suit your needs. Thanks to the bespoke nature of our pre-fabricated constructions, you will be able to design and install the perfect storage solution for your property or building site’s needs.
  • Why Should You Choose Cotaplan For Your Modular Storage Buildings?

    Pre-fabricated, modular construction is the only method of building which allows complete versatility. Your building construction and other site work can proceed simultaneously, resulting in a greatly accelerated schedule. Despite the added benefit of speed, you can also be sure that the process does not sacrifice safety or quality. What’s more, modular buildings are much more fluid and adaptable than conventional construction.

    Modernised technology and transportation enables a great deal of the project to be completed in factory conditions. When these materials are constructed off-site, it reduces potential risk and any schedule concerns which could cause major issues further down the line. In addition to faster completion schedules, our modular design and construction styles can provide a flexible and cost-effective alternative to conventional building.

    At Cotaplan, we have spent more than three decades delivering bespoke modular buildings for a variety of clients. We have worked alongside healthcare providers, construction sites, educational facilities and private homes to deliver comfortable, convenient and practical portable spaces. Our experienced team can set up a pre-fabricated design in an extremely short time period. This means less disruption to your home or building site.

    Many projects cannot be completed, or other spaces are unusable, until there is an effective storage solution. Without access to modular storage buildings as and when they are needed, your entire project could grind to a halt, or essential space could be going to waste.

    Here at Cotaplan, we are the UK’s leading provider of modular storage buildings for a diverse range of situations. Our design team can help you to create a truly accessible, versatile and bespoke building to make the most out of your available space. Whether you’re looking for dedicated storage facilities, site welfare cabins or portable offices, Cotaplan’s team are the quickest, cheapest and provide the highest quality service.

    For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team directly on 0800 7999049. Alternatively, you can email us at and our friendly modular specialists will get back to you as soon as we can.