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What are the benefits of hiring a modular clinic?

COTAPLAN’s portable medical clinics are ideal for remote populations without access to medical facilities. Previous clients have bought and rented our medical clinics to manage outpatient care to civilians, military personnel deployed on humanitarian operations and civil services.

Are Clinics relocatable?

Our modular medical clinics can easily be transferred from one destination to another.  One of the advantages of our medical clinics is that they can be constructed to meet most scenarios by adding or removing components, or simply by changing the interior layouts, so our client’s needs are always fulfilled.

COTAPLAN’s medical clinics are independent units that are designed with the required medical equipment and systems. Our modular medical clinics are designed so they can be easily set-up, dismantled, reconstructed or relocated. The designs are ideal for clients who are in need of a clinic straight away and for clients who are simply looking for a reconstruction of the portable clinic they have already.

Struggling to choose which one of our modular clinics suits you?

Call our team of experts to find out more information about which high quality, modular clinic design suits your requirements. Our team at COTAPLAN aim to satisfy clients so will listen to all of your requirements and come up with a design which can be realistically manufactured to what you require.