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Modular Gymnasiums

Cotaplan understand that when it comes to a new building you can’t always be sure of the sizing you need. This can be down to a number of reasons, but the main one taken from customers experience is that they need the space to grow as their business develops. This is why modular buildings are rapidly becoming the inexpensive alternative solution to permanent building structures. Thinking of incorporating a modular building into your business? Call Cotaplan today on 0800 7999049 or e-mail us directly at for more information.

Benefit Your School or Educational Establishment with a Modular Building

Are you exploring the possibility to build a gymnasium at your School or perhaps you’re looking to expand the space you currently have? Look no further than Cotaplan. With a wide range of modular buildings that can be used as gymnasiums, there are a number of options to choose from. To determine the size and type of modular gymnasium that is correct for you, Cotaplan take into account the type of equipment you plan to install and how many people you intend to use it. This allows you to achieve the best possible modular building for your requirements.

Why use Modular Buildings as your Sports Gymnasium?

One of the main reasons people are using modular buildings is speed. Permanent buildings can take up to 50% longer to construct than a modular alternative. Cause your school or education establishment minimal disruption as Cotaplan have the ability to construct a build in 8 weeks (dependant on sizing and type), which is a fraction of the time in comparison to a permanent build.

Secondly, modular buildings are extremely economically friendly. Prefabricated buildings can be manufactured using 80% recycled materials. This confirms complete maximum efficiency. This is a noticeably attractive characteristic of modular buildings as it allows both Cotaplan and your establishment to be more energy efficient. Something which is very sought after in today’s eco climate.

Another, and perhaps the most important reason, is that a modular building has incredible cost efficiency. Compared with a conventional permanent build, modular buildings are created in factories which use heavy duty machinery. This instantly saves the customer a high number of labour costs.

Why Choose a Modular Sports Gym?

Cotaplan can provide both a solid and flexible gymnasium buildings for your School, College or University campus. Modular buildings can also be the perfect solution for most sport accommodations in any dimensions that are requested. With widths up to 80mm, and unlimited lengths, Cotaplan’s designs can be constructed, relocated and restructured easily. This helps to meet not only your requirements, but also your expectations.

Modular buildings can be manufactured using a great variety of materials. Cotaplan have a friendly team of experts that can advise you on a material choice for your modular gymnasium to guarantee that it remains secure.

It’s not only education establishments that Cotaplan provide modular buildings to, they also supply buildings for hockey clubs, basketball teams, amateur and professional soccer clubs and many other sports clubs. All of the modular gymnasium designs that Cotaplan create can be manufactured with insulation, revolving doors, heating and emergency exits.

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If you have any questions or queries with regards to modular buildings or you are interested in the manufacture of a modular gymnasium, call Cotaplan today for more information on 0800 7999049. Alternatively you can contact them directly through e-mail at