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Portable Ticket Booths

If you’re planning a large-scale event, then portable ticket booths are an absolutely essential component. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large-scale festival to take advantage of the British summer, our portable ticket booths can help you control accessibility and security. Cotaplan is the UK’s leading provider of high-quality modular buildings and pre-fabricated structures. We can supply pre-fabricated cabins and booths for all kinds of events, festivals and attractions.

The space-efficient cabins that we supply can be an effective way of organising your crowd into fast-moving queues to prevent delay. These spaces are ideal for the collection or distribution of tickets and entrance passes. If you’re looking to keep access to your event or site secure, and ensure the effective distribution and collection of tickets, tokens and passes, then our portable ticket booths are essential.

Why Does Your Event Need Portable, Modular Ticket Cabins?

These pre-fabricated cabins are a safe, convenient and effective way of supplying and collecting tickets from attendees. Whether you’re lining up a temporary space for a music festival, organising a theme park’s layout or trying to make any event more convenient, these booths are the perfect choice for you. They can easily double-up as security offices, gatehouses and help to make your entire event run smoothly.

Without dedicated entrances and exits, it can be impossible to keep a crowd under control, especially if they are stuck in hot or miserable weather. Thanks to pre-fabricated cabins and ticket booths, you can keep the crowd moving and ensure access to your site is ongoing. These modular buildings are easily portable and can be set out in various locations across your site to ensure the smoothest transition. Without these properties, it can be nigh on impossible to keep count of the number of attendees you have, and ensure that only those with tickets are able to enter the site.

The Key Features Of Portable Cabins And Pre-Fabricated Booths

These fully modular constructions offer a range of features which make them ideal for events of any size. These include:

  • Easy To Assemble – These portable ticket booths are designed for simplicity. In just a short time, you could have access to a safe and secure space for ticket collection and distribution.
  • Versatile – Thanks to their custom design, these booths can easily double-up as alternate spaces. As well as ticket distribution and collection, they can operate as security points, healthcare stations and even temporary storage to make the event as convenient as possible for both the staff and attendees.
  • Bespoke Design – At Cotaplan, we are able to provide completely customised and bespoke designs for all occasions. If you have any special requirements for your pre-fabricated cabins and event booths, including lowered windows for disabled access, we can provide it.
  • Comfort and Convenience – The spaces we provide can be made as comfortable as you like to reduce employee discomfort. All our modular spaces are open to system installations to improve efficiency and reduce workload.

Portable ticket booths are essential for any kind of large event. They can keep your attendees organised, ensure access to your site remains unhindered and give your employees a safe and secure location to work from in comfort and convenience.

Contact Cotaplan For High-Quality Festival And Event Ticket Booths

For more than 30 years, our team have been able to provide comprehensive modular construction services for all kinds of events and facilities. We are able to provide high-quality pre-fabricated cabins and ticket booths to make sure your event runs smoothly. Whether you’re hosting the biggest music festival of the summer, or just trying to keep your attendees organised, our pre-fabricated cabins are the perfect solution for you.

All of our festival and event cabins and booths are designed from pre-fabricated materials. All of these components are manufactured in factory conditions, ensuring a high-quality product. That means you’ll end up with an extremely short build time, causing the absolute minimum disturbance to your site. What’s more, all of our units are compliant with industry standards and local authority building regulations, meaning you won’t have to worry about your employees’ health and safety.

In the last three decades, our pre-fabricated buildings have been used in medical, educational and private facilities, as well as on construction sites and as essential components of large-scale events including musical festivals. There is no team in the UK more experienced or dedicated to a high-quality modular build than Cotaplan. We are extremely proud to provide and unbeatable construction service, designed to meet your changing requirements.

If you’re looking for the perfect modular constructions for your event, including portable ticket booths designed for your attendees’ and employees’ convenience, then we are the team for you. Contact Cotaplan today! You can reach our dedicated team directly by calling us on 0800 7999049. Alternatively, if you have any queries or concerns, you can email us at info@cotaplan.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!