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Security Cabin

Keeping your facility or construction site secure can be incredibly difficult. Policing such a large area, especially without any central location to work from, presents a large number of problems. Fortunately, with a dedicated and versatile security cabin, you can provide your staff with a dedicated area from which to operate.

If your facility or worksite needs a functional, robust and comfortable security cabin, then Cotaplan has the models for you. In addition to pre-fabricated cabins, we can also supply portable, multi-purpose units. The advantage of modular design is that it is completely versatile, so as well as security cabins, we can provide larger, more comprehensive buildings to fulfil all your needs.

Why Do You Need A Modular Security Booth?

It’s a sad fact that there are unsavoury elements of the population. Whether that takes the form of thieves or vandals, your property or site needs to be protected from them. The only way to effectively do that is to make sure your security staff have access to the space and equipment they need. By providing a dedicated security booth, your guards can make the most of the latest technology to keep an eye on your entire site.

CCTV camera systems can easily be set up in a modular and pre-fabricated security cabin, enabling your personnel to view several access points at once. This is not only much more practical than patrolling the space, but more comfortable and much safer overall.

A security cabin can also be an essential space for the storage of sensitive information on-site. That could be anything from site plans to on-site personnel records or material stocklists. Without a truly secure booth on-site, these documents can be almost impossible to keep secure when your workforce aren’t in place.

Even the fact of having a pre-fabricated, inhabited security cabin at night can help to prevent intrusion onto your property. Something as simple as a light in a window can be a huge deterrent to thieves and vandals, both of whom regularly target construction sites and large, otherwise unoccupied areas.

The Benefits Of A Pre-Fabricated Security Cabin

Whether you choose to design and install a modular security booth or a dedicated, portable cabin, providing your site or facility with some security is essential. Without it, your project could be vulnerable to:

  • Theft – Building materials and tools amongst the most commonly stolen items. Whether they are left out overnight, or in an unsecured location, they can be extremely valuable and low-risk for many thieves. In addition to a pre-fabricated security cabin, we recommend secured modular storage units to keep your materials completely secure.

  • Vandalism – This could include anything from graffiti to genuine damage, such as broken windows. Vandalism can regularly put construction projects behind schedule and cost you a great deal more money in the long run. Thanks to these modular security booths, you can reduce the risk of vandalism and keep your project on schedule.
  • Sabotage – In addition to vandalism, there is also the risk of damage being done to any materials or equipment you use. For example, vehicles having their tires or windscreens damaged or building materials being compromised.

Thanks to a portable security space, you can be assured that your personnel will be able to keep a close watch over your entire property. What’s more important, you can be equally assured of their safety. When caught, some vandals or thieves may choose violence if they do not feel like they can escape. Security cabins can act as places to retreat to, or even spaces to hold suspects until the police arrive. Either way, these secured locations are an essential addition to any kind of site or facility.

Choose Cotaplan For A Pre-Fabricated Security Cabin Today

Thanks to the benefits of pre-fabricated design, your site could be equipped with a security cabin in just a matter of days. These portable and versatile models can be erected with a minimum of site disruption, enabling your workforce to get on with their construction work. The professional and secured cabins that we provide are able to be adapted to meet the needs of your security personnel, ensuring that you retain complete control and oversight across your entire site or facility.

For more than three decades, the Cotaplan team has worked with a wide range of clients from all industries. Construction, education, medical as well as private projects; our team has worked to create bespoke modular units, security booths and cabins for them all.

Cotaplan can work with you to design and build a safe and secured location on-site which is not only ideal for your security personnel, but can also provide value in terms of information storage. Whether you’re looking for a temporary, portable space or a permanent, long-lasting cabin, our modular designs can be ideal for you. They are versatile, secure and easily adaptable to meet your changing needs.

If your construction site, educational or medical facility can benefit from a dedicated security cabin, don’t hesitate! Get in touch with the experienced Cotaplan team today on 0800 7999049. If you prefer, you can email any queries you might have to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!