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Security Kiosks Gatehouses

Security kiosks / gatehouses are some of the most effective ways of monitoring your site. You can easily prevent unauthorised people from entering and ensure you have an up-to-date list of who has accessed your facility. These security gatehouses and kiosks can be essential when it comes to preventing a full range of anti-social or criminal activities. Without a secure entryway, your facility could be open to a variety of threats, including theft, vandalism and graffiti.

At Cotaplan, we specialise in the design and installation of modular buildings for a full range of uses. We can provide secure and simple security kiosks / gatehouses for a variety of facilities. Our team have worked alongside private businesses, as well as NHS hospitals, schools and secured areas to develop the perfect security solutions. Our intelligently-designed security gatehouses and kiosks can be fitted with a range of additional systems, including dynamic check-in systems and more comprehensive external CCTV.

The Benefits Of Security Kiosks And Gatehouses

Businesses, large compounds and facilities are especially vulnerable to anti-social behaviour and criminal activity. That can include anything from theft to graffiti and vandalism. Protecting your facility from these actions can be difficult without a dedicated entrance point monitoring who enters and exits at all times. Even graffiti, whilst seemingly harmless, can create a negative view of your business and cost you money to clean up. If this graffiti is on a building site, it can also hamper your progress, meaning that you are pushed behind schedule and over budget.

Thanks to security kiosks / gatehouses, your security team will be able to turn your entrance into a beneficial feature. Instead of an open spot, vulnerable to intrusion, you will be able to maintain complete control over your site’s accessibility. This can be essential for businesses, private facilities and construction sites – not just for your own projects, but for any intruder’s safety too.

Having an accessible, yet secure location like this can give your security personnel the space and tools they need to effectively protect your site. Security kiosks / gatehouses are perhaps even more effective than security huts, in that their design provides a range of benefits in addition to those provided by dedicated cabins.

Choose Modular Security Kiosks / Gatehouses From Cotaplan

Here at Cotaplan, we can provide bespoke security gatehouses as well as common designs. Our pre-fabricated buildings can be erected within a matter of days, meaning that you can provide an effective security solution in record time. Our gatehouses and kiosks are modular; that means they can quickly and easily be disassembled, adjusted or moved depending on your requirements. If you need to move your site’s entry point, your security solution won’t be an extra problem to consider. Despite their portable simplicity, these gatehouses and kiosks are completely securable, providing your team with a high level of safety and security.

Thanks to our pre-fabricated buildings’ versatility, they can be quickly and easily fitted with any security systems you require. This could include anything from a simple intercom to a comprehensive CCTV system. If you require, you can turn your security gatehouse into your centralised and secure location.

Why Should You Choose Cotaplan?

At Cotaplan we are able to provide more than just high-quality modular and permanent buildings. We can offer a team of the most experienced builders and designers available in the UK. For more than 30 years, we have worked alongside a range of businesses and facilities across the country to provide modular construction. Our pre-fabricated buildings are primarily manufactured off-site; that means you are guaranteed to receive factory-quality results with no mistakes.

What’s more, our dedicated team are able to erect security kiosks / gatehouses in a matter of days and with a minimum of mess. That means there will be as little disruption to your facility as possible; this is especially important when you are installing a security gatehouse at your main entrance! In terms of convenience, the security gatehouses and kiosks that we can provide are the best. They can quickly and easily be adapted to meet your changing needs. That means your modular security solution will never fall behind your requirements. Our pre-fabricated buildings are simple to disassemble, expand, adapt, reduce, move and add a variety of additional systems too.

Across the UK, for more than three decades, businesses and facilities of all kinds have benefits from the Cotaplan team. If your facility, construction site or business can benefit from dedicated, high-quality security kiosks / gatehouses, get in touch with Cotaplan today. We can improve your site’s security as well as your staff’s safety. You can reach our modular specialists today on 0800 7999049 and we’ll be happy to answer and questions or concerns you might have. If you prefer, you can email us at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.