NHS Modular Hospitals & Healthcare Buildings

Modular construction of your healthcare facility offers a high standard of construction, diversity in layout and a quicker turn-around time.

Modular Nurseries and Pre-School

Our modern, prefabricated nursery buildings are the perfect environment for children to play and learn. Our cost efficient modular nurseries can be tailored to your requirements.

Modular Classrooms & School Buildings

Our modular classrooms and buildings can be built to your exact requirements. We were the first to construct a PassivClass classroom in the UK.

Modular Offices

Modular offices are a sustainable, affordable solution to accommodating your staff in comfortable working conditions where ever and for as long as you want.

COTAPLAN Modular Buildings 
Bespoke Modular Building Systems in the UK

As a leading modular building company, Wigan-based prefab specialists Cotaplan are dedicated to providing high-quality modular buildings in the UK for all kinds of uses and industries. Whether you require a temporary school facility whilst building works are undertaken, a modern hospital building extension or portable offices, our custom-built prefabricated buildings are the perfect choice. Established in 1982, Cotaplan have the experience in delivering high-quality, bespoke modular buildings and provide a speedy service which could see your prefabricated building complete and ready for use in a matter of days or weeks.

Our modular building systems offer a completely new way to look at your available space. Whether you’re looking for a temporary buildings, a permanent building or an extension for an existing facility, our prefabricated buildings are a superior alternative to traditional buildings. Our skilled and professional team specialise in the design and delivery of bespoke modular buildings. Our designers can help you to create the perfect space to suit your project requirements and, thanks to the freedom of modular building construction, we can deliver your prefabricated building in record time.

The Benefits of Modular, Prefabricated Buildings

For today’s businesses and facilities, traditional methods of construction are becoming obsolete. The need for flexibility, combined with speed, affordability and sustainability, renders conventional building strategies ineffective. No business or facility can afford to shut down crucial space while building work is undertaken – especially on a large-scale, as these projects are regularly victims of delays.

Thanks to modular building construction, you have the ability to quickly and easily allow your workplace to evolve into the shape and size it needs to. Bespoke modular buildings can provide a complete range of advantages over their more traditional counterparts – most notably, faster turnaround and lower build costs. 

Whether you require portable buildings, or a portable office, you can count on our experienced team to deliver your requirements.

modular buildings

Why Choose Modular Buildings?

Enable Faster Turn-Around

Thanks to the availability of prefabricated materials from Cotaplan, you’ll be able to quickly and easily design the perfect space for your needs. All portable building spaces can be constructed in a very short time frame. In many cases your modular building could be completed in the same amount of time it would take to gain planning permission for a traditional brick structure.

Advanced Versatility

As prefabricated constructions are simple to assemble and disassemble, they can be adapted to meet your changing needs. This fluidity is essential for all businesses and government facilities, including educational and medical. It would only take a few days for an existing modular building to be broken down and altered to provide the best possible space. This makes prefabricated construction an essential choice for any rapidly expanding business or facility.

More Affordable Construction

Modular buildings can, in many cases, be up to 60% cheaper than a traditional modern building or extension. That is even before you start to consider the savings related to labour and equipment. Modular buildings can also benefit from cost efficiency through building maintenance thanks to its eco friendly construction and durable materials.

Less Disruptive

If you’re building on a medical or educational facility, then disruption is the last thing you need. Children and teachers need to be able to concentrate, just as patients need to be able to sleep and relax in order to make effective recoveries. Even if you’re just building an extension on your business or retail space, then disruption can deter customers and clients from coming near your workplace. With less disruptive construction, prefabricated buildings are an ideal choice.

modular buildings for hire

Modular Buildings For Hire

We can offer our prefabricated modular buildings for hire short term and long term. This is especially useful if you’re currently having traditional building work done and need a temporary modular building to serve as a short-term workspace, such as an office or classroom. Hiring a modular building is also useful for schools and businesses who need the extra space but don’t necessarily need a permanent building.

modular buildings for sale

Modular Buildings For Sale & For Lease

Our bespoke modular buildings are for sale across the UK and can be constructed to suit both your needs and that of your business. We understand that not all businesses can afford to buy a prefabricated building which is why we offer a lease purchase package for clients looking for a permanent solution. We also have a range of used modular buildings for sale. Contact us for more information.

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Portable, Prefabricated Commercial Buildings

At Cotaplan, we are committed to meeting and surpassing the high expectations and regulations of the modern construction industry. Our unrivalled approach to volumetric and modular building design makes us the industry leaders for prefabricated, modular building systems, extension and alterations for commercial businesses.

More and more properties, facilities and businesses are taking advantage of turn-key construction and prefabricated materials. Our bespoke modular buildings, as well as standardised alternatives, are far more effective than traditional building and can offer a long-lasting, fluid and versatile service to any commercial and industrial space.

As modular building manufacturers, we are able to provide complete modular building design and delivery services for a full range of sites and facilities from offices to retail, the healthcare industry to the education sector.

In addition to permanent modular buildings, we can provide high-quality temporary buildings for construction sites and roadwork operations. These can include welfare sites like bathrooms, on-site accommodation, foreman’s offices, storage spaces and more.

Choose Cotaplan as your Modular Buildings Manufacturer

For more than 30 years, the team at Cotaplan have been delivering the perfect turn-key modular building systems to meet our clients’ needs. We can deliver industry-leading modular buildings in a very short time. Our versatile pre-fabricated constructions enable you to choose your own colour, exterior and interior finishes and the overall layout of your new space.

Get in touch with modular building manufacturer Cotaplan today. You can reach us by emailing info@cotaplan.co.uk. Alternatively, you can call us directly on 0800 7999049 and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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