February 24, 2021

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Cotaplan Building Systems are just on the verge of completing new classrooms at Beatrice Tate School in London.  When completed, this modular block will boast the following finishes:

  • THERMOWOOD CLADDING – this is pre-treated to reduce cracks and twists over time.
  • SUSPENDED CEILINGS THROUGHOUT – provides an ideal void to house future changes.
  • HOIST SYSTEM – to aid children with limited mobility around the classroom and toilets.
  • MVHR SYSTEM – provides fresh air and reduces build-up of Co2 and odours.
  • DOOR ACCESS CONTROLS – prevents unwanted access or egress and therefore a safer working environment.
  • AUTOMATIC ACCESS GATES – automatically close and opens to aid wheel-chair users and staff moving between buildings.
  • HYGIENE ROOMS – easy wipeable surfaces to help maintain cleanliness.
  • CCTV – improves security and peace of mind.
  • FIRE & INTRUDER ALARMS – fully integrated with the school’s existing system to provide immediate warning in the event of an emergency.
  • CANOPY – a bespoke walkway between buildings – reducing the discomfort and anxiety caused by inclement weather.

These are just a selection of installations that can be provided to suit a modern working environment.

Call Cotaplan Building Systems today for a no-obligation quotation or for some advice.


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