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Modular classroom builders Cotaplan specialise in constructing temporary classrooms and permanent prefabricated classrooms for schools, colleges, universities, councils and local authorities. With a range of materials available, we can work with you to construct an educational environment that meets your requirements and standards. We can also provide refurbished prefab classrooms for clients on a budget or for those looking for a temporary classroom solution.

Choose Cotaplan. With over 30 years of experience in delivering modular, mobile classrooms, Cotaplan have the expertise and knowledge to create and erect a durable building with speed and efficiency without compromising on quality.

Modular Classrooms


mobile classroomsWe know how important it is to keep disruption to a minimum in any location, especially so in a school environment. As modular classrooms are built off-site at our facility, the construction time on site is vastly reduced and is quicker and less disruptive than traditional bricks-and-mortar construction.

Another advantage of prefabricated construction is that our buildings are portable. Our mobile classrooms can be relocated any time so if you need to move the classroom to a different part of the school, we can do this.

Modular classrooms are available in a variety of finishes to suit you. By working closely with our team, we can plan and create a bespoke prefab classroom that will meet your needs, right down to the flooring. We can incorporate store rooms, cloak rooms, changing rooms, toilets, kitchenettes and much more into your modular classroom solution.

To improve accessibility for all students, we can provide wheelchair access or specialist equipment for students with special needs.

Temporary Classrooms For Sale & For Hire

If your school is planning to undergo construction or repair work, leaving you without a classroom in which to educate your students, then consider hiring a temporary classroom from Cotaplan.

At Cotaplan, we have a range of new and refurbished modular temporary classrooms that can suit a variety of class sizes to suit you. Our classrooms can still be tailored to your requirements, even if you’re only hiring them for a short period.

Temporary classrooms can be placed on-site at your preferred location and provide a modern learning environment for staff and students alike with all the features you would expect from a permanent classroom build.

With high quality training space at a fraction of the price of a traditional build, it’s no wonder we get enquiries about our temporary classrooms for sale and for hire.

Modular Portable Classroomsmodular classroom hire
For Hire & For Lease

Our prefabricated classrooms are available for hire for temporary, short term usage and for schools requiring a longer lease. If you’re currently waiting for a school building to be built or repaired, a temporary modular classroom is the perfect space in which to teach students until building works are complete. All of our modular classrooms for hire adhere to the building rules and regulations and, as they are portable classrooms, can be placed and moved around the school site to wherever they are required.

modular classrooms for saleModular Portable Classrooms
For Sale

Cotaplan’s bespoke modular classrooms for sale in the UK can incorporate whatever features you may require, from a cloak room to a set of toilets. We can cater to your class size with single and multi-storey classrooms available. Many education authorities are opting to purchase prefabricated classrooms due to the eco-friendly construction and cost and speed of which the building can be completed.
Contact us today to discuss finance packages for modular school classrooms.

BSF Decant Facilities

Cotaplan have gained an excellent reputation through completing the design & supply of large temporary schools and college transfer facilities. We specialise in providing large scale transfers for BSF schemes where a whole school or college requires a temporary facility whilst the existing facility is rebuilt or refurbished.

Portable Classrooms
portable classrooms

Why Portable & Mobile Classrooms?

We know that modular classrooms aren’t always needed as a permanent fixture at a school. Sometimes they’re only needed temporarily to cater for students whilst another building is being repaired or worked on. Modular builds are perfect for mobile classrooms with the ability to be erected wherever you desire so if you need a portable classroom at one end of the school for 6 months and then moved to the other side for the following 6 months, modular mobile classrooms can accommodate this change of location. A mobile classroom can also be removed when it’s no longer required.

Some school buildings are grade II listed and to have permission to build an extension onto these buildings may be difficult to acquire. Mobile classrooms are therefore the ideal solution. They can be positioned where you want, equipped with all necessary facilities and rooms and can even be added to or moved at a later date.

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