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Modern, prefabricated canteen and dining areas for permanent or temporary use.

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Modular Canteens & Dining Halls in the UK

When it comes to innovative building solutions for your dining hall or canteen, look no further than Cotaplan. Modular canteens are fast becoming the alternative to conventional construction, and it’s easy to understand why.

Modular dining halls and canteens are the perfect solution for canteens and dining halls in schools. They are highly durable and can be erected, ready for use, within half the time of a permanent build. The rapid installation compared to traditional builds also allows for minimal disruption which is paramount in an active site such as a school or campus.

If you’re considering using modular buildings for a canteen or dining hall in your school or college, contact the experts at Cotaplan today. We offer a FREE survey, design and consultancy with our modular canteen building services. If you require any more information regarding a modular dining room or canteen, e-mail Cotaplan today at

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    Why Use a Modular Building as a Dining Hall or Canteen?

    With many school dining halls or canteens catering for large numbers at one time, it’s important that your dining area is spacious, clean and can cater for the staff and students’ requirements.

    The beauty of choosing a modular building for your canteen is that they can be demounted and transferred to a completely different location without any demolition. These buildings have been used for years, but the popularity for modular buildings has risen in recent times, especially in the Educational sector.

    Despite modular canteens being smaller in comparison to conventional constructions, they offer a lot more than what a regular building can. Due to 80% of a modular build being made from recycled materials, they’re extremely eco-friendly. With today’s eco-climate this is very important, and allows your establishment to become more energy efficient.

    If a School, College or University Campus needs a canteen within their grounds or in proximity, a modular dining room would be an excellent option.

    Modular canteen buildings are more affordable when compared to a regular construction and there are many reasons why. One of these is because fewer labourers are required on site to build a modular canteen. The units themselves are manufactured at a factory and are then erected in the desired location. This also creates a saving on the usual costly materials which are used in regular buildings.





    Hiring a Modular Canteen/Dining Room

    If you rent one of our portable dining halls from Cotaplan and you need it extended or reduced for whatever reason after construction, we will restructure the design so the hall fully meets your requirements. The length of your rental for a mobile dining/assembly facility is also based on your requirements. We offer short-term rentals right up to long-term rental such as five years.

    Cotaplan’s Modular Canteens

    Cotaplan’s modular dining halls are manufactured out of long-lasting materials that are very high standard. With modular canteens, you are also easily able to contact the provider. This means having your building customised is a quick and easy process. Therefore, you’re not limited to purchasing a low quality building that does not meet your standards.

    Cotaplan are always willing to take as much input and recommendations from yourself when it comes to materials and design. The size of the modular canteen can also be easily modified to suit your requirements, unlike a permanent build canteen which obviously cannot be personalised easily.

    Extra facilities that we are able to offer in our portable dining hall designs are: fully functioning kitchens, food preparation areas with storage for food serving equipment, toilets and also large cold stores to keep dairy and meat items fresh.

    Your Modular Canteens Requirements

    Our canteens provide a quick and cost-effective alternative compared to a traditional brick build dining area. We have a great reputation for manufacturing our dining/assembly halls promptly and exactly to what our clients require. The majority of our clients that have bought our portable halls are usually satisfied with every aspect and have found they can use the hall for the purpose it was designed for without any complications.

    Depending on what elements of the assembly/dining halls you require, for example, kitchen facilities, toilet facilities, wheelchair access, chairs and tables to be included, will determine how long the construction of your portable hall will take before you are able to make full use of it.

    Expansion is also something that Cotaplan can introduce into a modular canteen. Need more space? Not a problem. Your existing modular build can be modified and updated whenever you like. You can even add another level creating a multi storey building.

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