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Today’s educational facilities need to be flexibly designed to meet the ever-changing needs of modern students. It’s no surprise that more and more schools and academies are taking advantage of modular buildings for use as both permanent and temporary school buildings. Prefabricated school buildings offer a range of unique benefits when compared to traditional, bricks-and-mortar constructions

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    Benefits of Prefabricated SCHOOL BUILDINGS


    Modular construction allows for portable school buildings to be created so if you ever need to move a building to a different location, you can do


    Perfect for schools on a budget that require a high quality training and educational facility without the inflated price tag of traditional construction.


    An average modular school building can be constructed in 6-8 weeks.


    Less mess, less noise and a shorter construction period means less disruption for your pupils and teachers.


    Cotaplan has a comprehensive range of bespoke prefab school buildings for sale that can cater to your school’s requirements. Whether you’re looking to have a complete modular school building erected or a single or set of modular school classrooms, we can provide a solution that suits you.

    If you’re having repair work done to an existing building, or a new brick building is under construction at your site, and you’re looking to hire or lease a temporary modular school building, get in touch with out team today. We can can offer new, bespoke systems or used modular school buildings. Our used prefab school buildings are refurbished to a high standard to provide a clean, modern environment for your pupils and staff to work in and are a brilliant solution for schools on a budget.





    What types of modular school building can be constructed?

    We can work with you to create unique, prefabricated school buildings which are designed to meet your requirements and can cater to a variety of activities. Some of the most common kinds of modular school buildings or learning spaces Cotaplan are asked to construct are:

    • Modular Classrooms
    • Modular Laboratories & Science Blocks
    • Computer Science Rooms and IT Departments
    • Modular Changing Rooms
    • Prefabricated Sports Halls
    • Modular Halls and Meeting Rooms
    • Prefabricated Chapels and Religious Spaces
    • Modular Storerooms and Security Rooms
    • Prefabricated Receptions
    • Modular Offices
    • Prefabricated Staff Rooms
    • Modular Workshops

    Our prefabricated school buildings can be constructed as an extension to an existing building or as a stand-alone space to serve the needs of your staff and pupils. We can build single or multi-storey school buildings, or provide a single storey building initially with the option to install a second storey at a later date.

    Prefabricated School Building Construction

    As modular school buildings are manufactured off-site, the labour costs and duration of construction is drastically decreased. Many of our school buildings take, on average, 6-8 weeks to complete on site which means that both pupils and staff won’t have to wait long to be able to enjoy and utilise the new facilities and workspace our prefabricated school buildings provide. Modular’s shorter construction period is also advantageous to schools as the prefabricated building can be erected during the school holidays when the site isn’t in use. The prompt turnaround makes them ideal for use as temporary school buildings.

    By buying, leasing or hiring a modular school building, you’ll be able to ensure your lessons and classes resume promptly with as little disruption as possible to the education of the pupils.

    Installing modular buildings requires only a fraction of the machinery that bricks-and-mortar construction needs resulting in a safer and less disruptive on-site working area. This can be extremely important when it comes to ensuring your students’ safety during the construction period.

    For Industry-Leading Modular School Buildings, Get in Touch with Cotaplan Today

    Cotaplan’s experienced team specialise in delivering high-quality modular schools for councils and the education sector. We can work with your team, architects and planners to develop the perfect prefabricated school building fit for your pupils’ needs.

    Whether you’re looking to create a reliable space for primary schools, academies, higher learning or a disability-friendly school environment, our team are here for you. We can offer practical advice on all kinds of prefabricated construction to make sure your school building meets your specifications.

    Contact our team today to discuss your modular school building requirements by calling Cotaplan on 0800 7999049. You can also send any enquiries through our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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    Modular School Buildings – FAQs

    What are modular school buildings?

    Modular school buildings, also known as prefabricated or off-site constructed buildings, are innovative structures that are revolutionising the way educational facilities are designed and constructed. These buildings are created by assembling pre-manufactured components off-site in our factory at Cotaplan, using advanced technologies and quality materials. Once the building components are finished, they are transported to your school and assembled on-site, resulting in a quicker construction process than traditional construction methods.

    Are modular school buildings safe in the UK?

    Modular school buildings are designed with the same level of safety and durability as traditional brick-and-mortar buildings. These structures are constructed using reliable materials that are designed to withstand the elements and resist wear and tear over time. 

    The materials used in the construction of modular construction at Cotaplan are carefully selected to meet rigorous safety standards, and all of our buildings come equipped with fire retardant materials and fire suppression systems, such as fire sprinklers and smoke detectors.

    Find out how prefab school buildings can enhance the safety and security of your school by getting in touch with our team today.

    How long does it take to construct a modular school?

    The timeline for constructing a modular school building can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project, as well as factors such as weather conditions, transportation logistics, and site preparation. However, on average, a modular school building can be constructed in a much shorter timeframe than traditional construction.

    The modular construction process involves assembling pre-manufactured building components off-site in a controlled factory environment. This means that many aspects of the construction process, such as material procurement, manufacturing, and quality control, can be completed simultaneously, resulting in a shorter overall construction time of around 6-8 weeks.

    For schools, we recommend allowing this time when planning around school holidays.

    What types of modular school buildings can be constructed?

    Modular school buildings can be designed to meet a variety of needs. Common types of modular school buildings are classrooms, laboratories, IT departments, changing rooms, sports halls, meeting rooms, chapels, storerooms, receptions, offices, staff rooms, workshops, and more.

    Are modular school buildings suitable for temporary use?

    Modular school buildings are suitable for temporary use, such as when repair work is being done to an existing building or when a new brick building is under construction. They can be quickly installed on-site and customised to meet specific requirements. The buildings are flexible, cost-effective, and easily disassembled and relocated.

    Who should I contact for more information about modular school buildings?

    If you are looking for more information on modular school buildings, Cotaplan is the perfect firm to contact. We are market leaders in providing innovative, cost-effective solutions for educational buildings, and our modular experts can help you find the right solution for your school’s needs.

    For an immediate response, contact us today