Modular University Buildings by Cotaplan

Eco-friendly, Turnkey Solutions For Higher Education Environments

Modular Higher Education Buildings by Cotaplan

Eco-friendly, Turnkey Solutions For Higher Education Environments

Modular Universities

Universities are known for their educational merits as well as their campuses. With the growing number of individuals applying for higher learning and those returning to extend their degrees further, universities have to expand their campuses. Whether the need is in building more dorms, cafeteria, sports hall, classrooms, or libraries, the construction needs to be handled in the most productive and cost-effective manner. 

Modular Universities

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    Modular construction shows forward thinking

    Portable universities promote forward thinking. The whole basis of a University it to equip minds to push the limits of understanding, to try new methodologies in the world, and to make the world a better place through well educated, working individuals. Therefore makes sense that the modular technology be implemented in University construction.

    Modular construction means that a great deal of the construction is conducted off-site and then pieced together at the build site. The materials used in modular construction projects can be made of recycled, low waste substances. This is not to say that the build is done with materials that are cheap. Most of the materials used in modular construction products have a high durability to weather elements and can handle the stress that University students will put on them.

    Due to the fact that the modular University can be constructed of “green” materials, the University may gain a higher reputation for being ecologically conscious. In a world which is becoming more and more focused on implementing methods that impact the world less and less, construction which involves less use of heavy machinery which give off harmful emissions, materials which are constructed of greener materials, and a more cost-effective way of building is highly favourable over traditional methods.


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