Modular Doctors Surgery by Cotaplan

Modular GP Surgeries by Cotaplan

Prefabricated Doctors Surgery Buildings

There is a growing demand for qualified doctors sue to the ever growing population of our country, and with GP’s becoming more and more in demand they are finding it hard to cater for everybody’s needs. So if you are a doctor who needs their own surgery, or you are planning on moving from your outdated surgery to a newer one, then you may want to consider modular buildings for your surgery. Call Cotaplan today on 0800 7999049.

Doctors and medical professionals are dependent upon providing the best care in the most sterile and secure environment. For many doctors this means that they have a separate building for conducting surgeries than that of the building from which they treat the ill. Doctors who are seeking to have doctors surgery buildings constructed should consider having their building constructed modularly as there are several advantages for choosing this method that surpass the “traditional” construction method.

Superior, Modern Construction of Doctors Surgery Buildings

One of the biggest misconceptions of modular modelling is that the building is constructed poorly. This rumour is largely circulated by those within the construction business. In truth, modular construction is the preferred method for many businesses. Construction is performed primarily in-house which means that each part of the construction is carefully monitored for any defects. Secondly, the construction of the modular building uses the most modern practices and procedures of construction and is subject to the same, if not more, regulations that “traditional” construction projects require. Overall, you have a superior building construction with the best technology available at a lower cost than having your doctors surgery building constructed primarily on-site.

Modular Doctor’s Surgery Construction that Conveys Cleanliness

Doctors need to keep the image of providing a clean and non-contaminated property. Unfortunately, on-site construction takes a wrecking ball to the clean environment façade. From the start, a construction site becomes a noisy, dirt flying, emission loaded, fume filled area. Clients will be more apt to stay away from a facility that has construction on-site as they may perceive (regardless of the measures taken) that the doctor surgery building is contaminated with the debris from the construction site.

Modular construction of your Doctor Surgery building ensures that a minimum amount of onsite work is conducted. After site preparation, your building construction is conducted in-house. While the construction is being done, your current facilities do not have to worry with heavy construction equipment and the other things which deter people from having a feeling of cleanliness about your business. When the time comes to construct your doctors surgery building on-site, in most cases the construction can be done in a matter of days. This greatly reduced the amount of time in which potential and existing clients see a site.

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    Medical Centres Built To Your Requirements

    Modular construction allows you to create the layout which best suits your needs. Our company can create a building from almost any floorplan. In many cases we can create floorplans that other construction companies can’t. The reason is because modular construction is not constricted by “what will I need to do on-site” but rather a “that is a great idea well make it work” technique. Also, because modular construction is primarily conducted in-house modern methodologies which are not possible with on-site construction can be implemented in the construction phase of the in-house modular construction. For example: many floorplans are somewhat restricted by the load bearing walls of the building. Modular construction uses several different components merged seamlessly together and the load bearing walls pose less of a design issue than traditional construction where the load bearing wall plays a critical part in the layout design. Where it is true that the load bearing walls have to be kept in mind, your design is not constricted by having to have a certain style or layout to that bearing wall. You can design the building according to your needs.

    Modular Doctor Surgery Buildings at Lower Costs

    Due to the increase in healthcare premiums and other related increases within the medical industry, doctors are receiving less new patients. This reduction in patients, has led to a loss in profitability for many doctors. Therefore, construction budgets for doctors surgery buildings need to focus on minimizing the cost as much as possible while retaining the greatest results.

    Any construction project involves cost assessments. Generally, traditional construction will need to have a rather large budget as you will have to pay for the various crews, zoning, building permits, insurances, licenses, parking, creation of egresses, and so forth to get your building up and going. Modular building construction takes far less budgeting as the work is done in-house, transported to your site, put together in a matter of days, and then internally completed in a matter of weeks. The amount of work crews needed is reduced, the additional costs incurred by needing special licensing may be eliminated, and the overall project time is minimized. All this leads to a lower construction cost.

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    If you have any questions on how we can help you in the construction of your doctor surgery building, modular construction and how it can benefit your business, or if you have questions regarding any of our services or practices, we would love to hear from you. As each project is different, we will work one-on-one with you to answer all questions that you may have, determine the best solution to your doctor surgery construction, and construct the best building based upon those needs. Call Cotaplan today on 0800 7999049.

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