Modular Chemotherapy Wards by Cotaplan

Modular Chemotherapy Wards

The ability to deliver a dedicated medical space for your patients’ individual treatment can make all the difference to your healthcare facility. That’s where dedicated modular chemotherapy wards as part of your NHS hospital are essential. These pre-fabricated wards allow your property to deliver comfortable, long-term treatment to patients suffering from any kind of cancer.

Here at Cotaplan, we can deliver a full range of bespoke pre-fabricated constructions to our clients. Our modular wards are a quick, easy and practical solution to increase the treatment space available to your staff and patients.

Thanks to our team of modular construction experts, you’ll be able to deliver the perfect pre-fabricated space for your patients’ needs. By equipping your medical facility with hard-wearing pre-fabricated treatment wards, you can really help your patients to feel like they are being supported throughout their chemotherapy treatment.

Modular Chemotherapy Wards for Patient Treatment and Support

Patients suffering from cancer need access to long-term support services, in addition to effective treatment. Cancers of all kinds are some of the most debilitating and unpleasant illnesses to deal with. Chemotherapy itself is an extremely unpleasant kind of treatment, and any patient who suffers from it needs to know that they have a professional and caring team around them.

One of the most effective ways of creating this atmosphere is by equipping your medical facility with modular chemotherapy wards. These spaces are ideal for both in-patient and out-patient treatment, depending on your patients’ overall health. Within these dedicated spaces, you can create areas which are completely equipped to deliver effective treatment to your patients.

Bespoke Modular Chemotherapy Wards to Build a Supportive Community

In addition to your chemotherapy units, you can also include a range of hospitality features to create a cancer support community in your healthcare facility. Thanks to the bespoke nature of pre-fabricated design, you’ll have the ability to equip this space with everything that you need. Just some of the on-site features that you can include in your modular cancer unit are:

  • Easily Accessible Wards for Chemotherapy.
  • Private Treatment Rooms.
  • Waiting Rooms, Receptions and Communal Spaces.
  • Cafes, Tea and Coffee Services.
  • Consultant Offices.
  • Male and Female Chemotherapy Wards.
  • Child-Friendly Wards.
  • MacMillan Support Services.

Dedicated Wards to Treat All Forms of Cancer

Here at Cotaplan, we can deliver a range of bespoke modular chemotherapy wards to help you provide treatment to all kinds of cancer. Just some of the cancers that you’ll have the ability to treat with chemotherapy in your new facility include:

  • Brain Cancer.
  • Bladder Cancer.
  • Lung Cancer.
  • Thyroid Cancers.
  • Skin Cancer.
  • Melanoma and Lymphoma.
  • Cervical and Ovarian Cancers.

Why are Pre-Fabricated Chemotherapy Units Perfect for UK Medical Facilities?

More and more NHS hospitals and private healthcare facilities are choosing to take advantage of pre-fabricated construction across the UK. The nature of modular construction makes it ideal for medical environments. This is especially true when compared to the potential issues associated with traditional construction.

Modular cancer units and pre-fabricated chemotherapy wards can deliver a variety of practical benefits to properties and facilities across the UK. Just some of the advantages that you’ll be able to enjoy with pre-fabricated construction include:

  • Limited Disruption and Construction Time – Modular buildings are much easier and simpler to construct than traditional, brick-and-mortar structures. This means that projects of all sizes, from simple extensions to complete building construction, can be completed quickly and efficiently.

    In addition to being completed much faster than brick-and-mortar construction, pre-fabricated buildings also require much less noise and on-site disruption. All the materials are manufactured off-site and are simply erected during the construction. The working area is also greatly reduced, allowing for out-patients and visitors to access your site as easily as before.

  • Extremely High-Quality Structures – As all individual materials are manufactured off-site, in factory conditions, you can be sure there are no weak points in your design. Every material and design that we supply has been extensively tested to deliver long-term and reliable service. You will never be left with a sub-standard structure for your medical facility.
  • Versatile and Hard-Wearing Structures – Unlike traditional buildings, modular construction allows for quick and dynamic evolution. All these structures can easily be disassembled as required. This means that they can be relocated elsewhere on your property or adapted to meet your changing needs.

Choose Cotaplan for Modular Chemotherapy Wards and Cancer Units Today

If you’re looking to equip your NHS hospital with industry-leading cancer treatments, get in touch with the Cotaplan team today. For more than 30 years, our experienced team has worked to deliver long-term modular constructions to all kinds of medical facilities. Whether you’re an NHS hospital or a private healthcare facility, our team are here to help you.

You’ll even be able to equip your cancer treatment space with an area for MacMillan nurses. MacMillan is a cancer support charity which can offer real benefits to any of your patients suffering with cancer. MacMillan can help to develop support groups around your medical facility.

Thanks to hard-wearing pre-fabricated cancer treatment units and chemotherapy wards, you’ll be able to treat your patients in comfort. For more information on the benefits of modular construction, get in touch with our team today.

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