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More and more women are being directed towards the colposcopy department following a cervical screening. Some are noticing problems themselves and booking themselves in for a colposcopy. Thanks to modular colposcopy units, you’ll be able to offer this examination to your patients in a clean, dedicated and comforting space. This can not only be a great way to make your patients feel more comfortable during their examination, but it can make your colposcopy department more efficient as well.

Here at Cotaplan, our professional team specialise in the delivery of pre-fabricated construction services for a wide range of healthcare facilities. For more than 30 years, we’ve worked to ensure that NHS hospitals and private healthcare facilities receive the perfect treatment spaces for their needs. Thanks to modular colposcopy units, you’ll be able to deliver a complete service to your patients in one specific area, either as part of your main building or away from the main site.

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    Following a cervical screening, a colposcopy is normally the next step whenever an issue is detected. They are a common procedure which most women will have at least once in their life. As such, it is essential that your modular healthcare facility is able to deliver a comfortable and professional service to your patients.

    Typically, women will be referred for to modular colposcopy units following a cervical screening if the nurse or doctor decided:

    • Some of the cells in the screening appeared abnormal.
    • It isn’t possible to give you clear results following multiple screening tests.
    • The patient’s cervix doesn’t look as healthy as it should.

    It can also be used to identify the causes of some unpleasant symptoms, including unusual vaginal bleeding. It is also possible to use this exam to identify and diagnose certain forms of cancer.

    By creating a dedicated space for this department to work within, your healthcare professionals will be able to conduct these tests much faster and ensure that your staff have all the equipment they need to conduct these examinations. Finding the space in hospitals can be difficult – thanks to modular buildings in the UK, you’ll be able to create a dedicated area for every kind of treatment and examination that you offer.


    Most women will have been referred for a colposcopy with minor or non-existent issues. However, some women are found to have abnormal cells following the examination. In some cases, abnormal cells left untreated after a colposcopy can develop into cancers and other illnesses. There are several simple and effective treatments which are then used to remove these abnormal cells, such as:


    • Cone Biopsies – This is where a cone-shaped piece of tissues containing the abnormal cells is cut directly from the cervix.
    • LLETZ – LLETZ, otherwise known as a large loop excision of the transformation zone, is where the healthcare professional uses a heated wire loop to remove the abnormal cells.

    What are the Benefits of Pre-Fabricated Design for Medical Units?

    Pre-fabricated construction can deliver a range of benefits to medical facilities in the UK. For more than 30 years, the team at Cotaplan have been working to deliver high-quality pre-fabricated construction to medical facilities across the country. Our professional team have worked alongside both NHS hospitals and private healthcare facilities to deliver modular colposcopy units.

    Modular construction is a much more versatile and simple building technique than traditional construction. They are much quicker to design and install on any kind of property. They are also extremely easy to uninstall, move or adapt as your needs continue to change. Flexibility is essential for modern NHS hospital and private medical space designs. They are often used as temporary structures while repair work is conducted on other parts of your property. However, when they are installed, medical properties often find that these designs are extremely useful and leave them in place for future use.


    For Industry-Leading Modular Colposcopy Units in the UK, Contact Cotaplan Today

    For more than 30 years, the industry-leading team at Cotaplan has worked to deliver pre-fabricated construction services to NHS hospitals and private healthcare facilities across the country. We have delivered modular design and installation services to:

    • Medical Facilities.
    • Industrial Properties.
    • Educational Buildings.
    • Retail Outlets.

    If you’re looking for more information on the wide range of pre-fabricated construction services that we can deliver, get in touch with our professional team today. You can reach our modular design experts by calling us directly on 0800 7999049. Alternatively, you can choose to submit any questions or concerns you might have to our online contact form and we’ll get back in touch as soon as we can.

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