Modular Hospital Buildings by Cotaplan

Modular Hospital Buildings

Looking for additional treatment space in your health establishment? 

Here at Cotaplan, our modular building services have been utilised by various health establishments including the NHS in the form of additional treatment space (etc). As experienced modular building experts in the health care sector, we’re familiar with the standards required in additional care space in hospitals and healthcare establishments which is why we’re you’re trusted modular building specialists.

Modular construction is very different from what a great deal of people tend to think. It’s not cheap construction, but smart in-house construction which lowers the overall costs of building. The difference between on-site and modular construction is that elements of constructions are made off-site and the parts are then pieced together to form the building on-site. This saves a tremendous amount of working hours thus saving money in labour costs. Using modular buildings in hospitals therefore saves you money which can be put to better use and given to practitioners, doctors, equipment, research, and the like.

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Prefabricated Hospital Layouts

Because modular homes can be constructed for one or multi-level buildings your hospital design does not have to be compromised. Modular construction is not limited to a selected number of designs, but is as extensive as in some ways surpasses the abilities of traditional construction. Single level buildings can easily be constructed and pieced together on site. Multi-level can also be put together without a hassle. As more designs are leaning to one and two story buildings, the modular construction is ideal.

Today’s modular hospital buildings are an effective and affordable alternative to traditional construction. Here at Cotaplan, we supply versatile medical constructions to meet your hospital’s needs. Our team have more than 30 years’ experience when it comes to working with NHS hospitals and private facilities. We can help you to take full advantage of your available space with quick and easy pre-fabricated buildings.


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    Why Are Modular Hospital Buildings An Essential Choice?

    Today’s hospitals are under more strain than ever before. There are more patients requiring care on a daily basis and, when coupled with a lack of available beds or treatment space, NHS hospitals are struggling. Thanks to the versatile nature of portable constructions, you can equip your healthcare facility with the space it needs to treat your patients.

    Cotaplan can offer fast-track modular buildings to ensure that you can quickly and easily improve your hospital. In just a few short weeks, you’ll have a completely usable working space, suitable for a variety of facilities.

    Bespoke Prefabricated Hospital Buildings

    Hospitals are often stuck with a pre-determined layout. However, thanks to the versatile nature of modular hospital buildings, you can design your own layout to meet your needs! Our team work with both NHS hospitals and private healthcare providers on a regular basis. As such, we can quickly and effectively supply the perfect construction for your needs.

    Our prefabricated hospital buildings can be used to create a variety of medical areas, including:

    • Hospital Wards
    • Clinical Departments.
    • Doctor’s Surgeries.
    • Surgical Theatres and Operating Rooms.
    • Modular Office Spaces.
    • Reception Areas.
    • Clean Rooms

    Whatever your hospital needs to offer the highest quality service, we can provide the space for it, thanks to high-quality prefabricated solutions.

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    prefab hospital buildings
    Why Should You Choose Modular Hospital Buildings Over Traditional Construction?

    Despite their extremely short build time, our pre-fabricated buildings meet all industry standard. This includes any local authority building requirements that your hospital might be subject to. Therefore, you needn’t worry about our team cutting corners during the build. We can guarantee that every portable building we provide is safe and comfortable for both patients and staff.

    Traditional construction also causes a great deal of disruption, often for months at a time. In an NHS or private hospital, disruption is the last thing you need. Traditionally, building projects would generate a great deal of noise, create unsafe environments and often run over schedule. However, as most of our pre-fabricated buildings are made off-site, the on-site disturbance is minimal. It also enables us to ensure that each piece of your bespoke construction is done in factory conditions, which greatly speeds up build-time and lowers cost.

    Cotaplan is proud to offer a completely seamless service. Working with our team could see you treating patients in your new medical space in just a matter of weeks!

    Prefabricated Hospital Buildings For Bespoke Design And Modular Flexibility

    Thanks to the versatility of modular design, you can completely mould your additional space to fit in with your current layout. All modular hospital buildings can be designed as completely stand-alone properties, or can be attached to existing healthcare facilities. Portable constructions can also be built as single-layer or multi-storeyed according to your needs.

    Thanks to the speed at which they can be erected, and their flexibility, pre-fabricated hospital buildings can also be adapted to meet your changing needs. The ability to increase, reduce or alter the configuration of modular constructions makes them the perfect choice for a healthcare environment. This means that you can quickly and easily turn, say, a modular office space into a patient ward simply by enlarging it.

    In addition to the layout itself, we can also integrate systems into the pre-fabricated buildings. This could include a nurse call system, PA systems or more specialised electricals.

    Choose Cotaplan For Modular Hospital Buildings

    Cotaplan’s experience team has been working with NHS hospitals and private healthcare facilities for more than 30 years. We provide the highest quality construction solutions for the lowest price. We work to minimise on-site disruption and deliver a premium medical space in the shortest time possible. What’s more, our design specialists can work with you to design your perfect layout, ensuring that your patients and staff can make the most of your new space.

    Whether you’re NHS or private, we can supply the additional space that you so desperately need. Our pre-fabricated buildings are ideal for patient wards, doctor’s surgeries and isolation areas. Our services will help you to comfortably treat your patients, and give your staff the space they need to operate comfortably and efficiently.

    If you have any questions regarding potential uses for our pre-fabricated hospital buildings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today on 0800 7999049. Alternatively, you can email our team via our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. You can also review our previously completed projects to get a glimpse of what our services can do for you.

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