Modular Intensive Care Units by Cotaplan

Modular Intensive Care Units

Here at Cotaplan, we specialise in the delivery of premium pre-fabricated medical spaces across the UK. Over the years, we have worked with a range of NHS hospitals and private health facilities to deliver industry-leading spaces, extensions and stand-alone buildings. Our modular intensive care units are the perfect place for emergency treatment and for taking care of your most dangerously ill patients.

Thanks to modular design, you will be able to create an easily-accessible area on your property with all the space you require for effective treatment. The layout and design of an ICU is extremely important, as even the smallest inconvenience could result in lost lives or ineffective treatment. Thanks to pre-fabricated design, you can create the perfect space for your patients’ treatment and care. In addition to this, you’ll be able to equip the area with all the space, features and technology that your staff will need. Modular intensive care units are custom-built and designed; that means you’ll never be forced to ‘make do’ with what you have. In addition, these spaces can be quickly and easily modified to offer a truly reliable and effective treatment area.

Modular Intensive Care Units for NHS Hospitals

Here at Cotaplan, we have been working to deliver premium modular spaces for medical facilities in the UK for more than 30 years. Our expertise means that we can help you to design the perfect space for your new ICU and ensure that it is fully operational in just a few short weeks. The pre-fabricated construction services that our expert team can provide are the only high-quality, low-cost solution to modern day medical space concerns.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent addition to your healthcare facility or you need a temporary space while your main ICU is being refurbished, the pre-fabricated choice is perfect for you. The entire project can be completed in just a matter of weeks, and you can be assured of the building’s structural strength, security and incredible design throughout it’s lifetime. What’s more, these spaces can be quickly and easily adapted, enlarged or taken down to allow your hospital grounds to take the perfect shape for your patients’ and your staff’s needs. Thanks to the wide range of unique customisation options, you’ll be able to dynamically adapt your hospital space to suit your ever-changing needs.

Why Choose Modular Design for ICUs?

Pre-fabricated construction is perfect for intensive care units. They are clean, secure and simple areas which are suitable for the streamlined treatment provided in the ICU. Thanks to the wide range of customisation options, you will be able to make the space as large as required. The layout will completely suit your needs and can be adapted as required.

All our pre-fabricated construction materials are manufactured in factory conditions and extensively tested. This means that you will never suffer from a sub-standard construction and that your new modular space will be safe and secure. It also helps to eliminate disruption on the worksite and ensure the whole project moves much quicker, without compromising the structure’s integrity.

Thanks to modular design, you’ll be able to equip your new ICU with everything it can require. This can include a wide range of features and dedicated spaces, such as:

  • Nurse’s Stations.
  • Male and Female Wards.
  • Storage Areas.
  • Offices.
  • Private Rooms.
  • Child-Friendly Wards.
  • Bathrooms with Disabled Access.
  • On-Site Operating Theatres for Emergency Treatment.
  • Waiting Rooms.

In addition to being a completely versatile, customisable and adaptable space, your new modular ICU will also comply with all relevant UK legislation. This could include anything from:

  • Local Authority and Council Building Regulations.
  • NHS Standards.
  • Equality Act Guidelines.

Choose Cotaplan for Industry-Leading Modular Intensive Care Units

Here at Cotaplan, we have spent more than three decades working closely with clients from a wide range of sectors to deliver the perfect pre-fabricated spaces for their needs. We have worked with both private healthcare facilities and NHS hospitals to deliver premium medical and treatment spaces across the UK. We work closely with all our clients to make sure you are getting the most out of your new modular space.

We can help you to design a bespoke intensive care unit from scratch to meet the needs of your staff and your patients. We can work with you to improve the efficiency of your staff, shorten their journeys and ensure everyone in the ICU is under constant, effective surveillance to prevent any avoidable incidents. Thanks to the wide-ranging benefits of modular design over traditional brick-and-mortar construction, you’ll be able to easily adapt your treatment space to suit your hospital’s ever-changing needs.

For more information on the wide range of modular construction services that our professional team can provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. You can reach our pre-fabricated construction experts by calling us directly on 0800 7999049. If you prefer, you can email any questions or concerns you might have to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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