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Modular Medical Research Centres

Here in the UK, medical research centres are essential when it comes to researching and finding cures to a wide range of illnesses and diseases. These facilities need to be equipped to undertake ground-breaking research across the whole spectrum of modern-day healthcare. Modular medical research centres are able to deliver a wide range of practical benefits which make them suitable for conducting essential research into modern healthcare.

At Cotaplan, our professional team has spent more than 30 years working alongside medical facilities of all shapes and sizes. We have helped NHS hospitals and private clinics to make the most out of their available space. Our pre-fabricated construction experts can work with you to create bespoke structures to suit your needs and deliver an environment which is conducive to research and treatment.

What Do Modular Medical Research Centres Actually Do?

When it comes to medical research in the UK, there are three different kinds of facilities. These are:

  • Medical Research Units – These facilities are concentrated spaces to support a particular scientific need or deliver a particular research result.
  • Research Institutes – These long-term establishments are in place to conduct multidisciplinary research. These are the largest and the most likely to be permanent research institutes.
  • Medical Research Centres – These medical facilities are used to support and add value to other research facilities. They can also be included into existing healthcare facilities to build-on existing research.

Modular medical research units and centres work to identify new ways of treating a wide range of illnesses, developing new cures and treatments and contribute to developing new systems and solutions for healthcare facilities across the country. Without consistent medical research, we would be unable to treat new illnesses as they develop or find more effective ways of treating those diseases we already know about.

Why is Versatility Important for Modular Medical Research Centres?

As the research goals of these centres can change, it is important that the space itself is able to be adapted. The versatility of these centres’ designs is important. Focusing on different illnesses, diseases and injuries can often require the internal layout of these facilities to change.

Modular buildings are extremely versatile and can be adapted as required. Otherwise known as portable constructions, pre-fabricated units can be taken down and relocated or otherwise altered to meet the research centre’s changing needs. Modular medical research centres can allow you to change your research focus and ensure that the layout of the property meets with your constantly evolving needs. You will be able to change the size and location of laboratories, study areas and more depending on your current requirements.

Why Are Modular Buildings Useful for NHS Hospitals?

More and more medical facilities in the UK are choosing to take advantage of pre-fabricated buildings. This remains true for both private clinics and NHS hospitals. There are many reasons why medical facilities are choosing to rely on pre-fabricated design and construction services.

he unsuitability of traditional constructions for modern medical facilities is one of the major reasons for the popularity of pre-fabricated buildings. Brick-and-mortar buildings are expensive, difficult to build and almost impossible to adapt as your needs continue to change.

How Long Does a Modular Building Take to Build?

Although it depends on the size, modular construction is significantly faster than traditional building. The entire project could be completed in just a matter of weeks. When compared to the months and years brick-and-mortar buildings can require, this is a major improvement.

How Disruptive are Modular Buildings in Medical Constructions?

Any kind of pre-fabricated construction is significantly less disruptive than traditional alternatives. This can help patients to rest without listening to major construction work, which can make a real difference to their recovery.

Are Pre-Fabricated Buildings Reliable?

Modular constructions are just as reliable as traditional buildings. They can offer many, many years of service without any problems. They are also much easier and cheaper to repair or conduct maintenance on.

Are Modular Buildings Cheaper than Traditional Construction?

One of the biggest advantages of pre-fabricated buildings is that they are much cheaper than brick-and-mortar designs. The materials are cheaper, construction costs are lower, and workmen don’t need to spend as long on-site. All of these contribute to making modular designs cheap without compromising quality.

Do Pre-Fabricated Buildings Meet with Building Regulations?

All of the modular buildings that we provide meet with all relevant building regulations. Our medical spaces are suitable for NHS Standards, British Building Regulations and any requirement put forward by Local Authorities in England, Scotland and Wales.

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