Modular Rehabilitation Buildings by Cotaplan

Modular Rehabilitation Buildings

When your healthcare facility doesn’t have the space, it needs to effectively treat its patients, it can be difficult to turn people away. At the same time, however, expansion can often be difficult. Thanks to modular rehabilitation buildings, you can offer a clean, comfortable space for rehabilitation in a very short time scale. There are a range of problems associated with rehabilitation in a main hospital space. With a pre-fabricated, portable rehabilitation construction, these can be avoided.

Here at Cotaplan, we have been providing a variety of pre-fabricated buildings to NHS and private healthcare establishments for more than 30 years. Our experience means that we can provide one of our modular constructions in the quickest possible time at the lowest possible cost to you. NHS hospitals and healthcare facilities often need access to additional space immediately. Thanks to modular construction services, you can enlarge your working medical space in just a matter of days.

What Are The Advantages Of Modular Rehabilitation Buildings?

Typically, a modular rehabilitation centre would be away from the main hospital area. This means that it is more easily accessible. Outpatients, for example, could arrive at the facility without placing stress on the hospital’s parking. They also need to be more easily accessible for physical therapy patients.

Therefore, it is essential that these modular rehabilitation buildings can operate completely independently of the main medical facility.

Cotaplan’s dedicated rehabilitation buildings can provide a completely independent space for the treatment of rehabilitation patients. Whether you’re looking for an active physical therapy space, or just a calm rehab area for recovery, our modular constructions are the perfect choice. Traditional buildings, particularly older buildings or large-scale properties like NHS hospitals, can be difficult to enter and find your way around. People undergoing physical therapy or rehabilitation don’t need the added strain of being trapped inside a building they cannot find their way around.

Pre-fabricated buildings are much cheaper and quicker to assemble than traditional buildings. That means you could quickly and easily provide your NHS hospital or private healthcare facility with your much-needed additional space.

Thanks to the use of portable construction, you can quickly and easily design, build and adapt the building to meet your current requirements. That means that you can change the layout, the size and the accessibility options as your demand for space fluctuates.

Design Your Own Modular Rehab Centre

One of the many benefits of pre-fabricated buildings is that they can offer complete adaptability. When you initially decide that you need additional space for a rehabilitation centre, you can design the perfect space for your needs. Thanks to portable design, you can choose the number of beds, the number of medical wards, the amount of private or isolation rooms and everything else. Our modular rehabilitation buildings can be equipped with nurse stations, physical therapy rooms and private consultation rooms.

Why Choose Cotaplan For Modular Rehabilitation Buildings?

Managing a pre-fabricated construction project requires a unique set of skills and a great deal of experience. The workflow is completely different to traditional building, and needs a dedicated team of specialists to make sure it is completed on time and on budget.

At Cotaplan, we have been working with NHS hospitals and private healthcare facilities for more than 30 years. In that time, we have worked on a full range of modular projects. That includes everything from dedicated patient wards to pharmacies and surgical theatres. We understand the needs and concerns of medical facilities in the UK, and our construction teams can resolve them quickly.

All of the pre-fabricated materials that we use are manufactured to factory conditions, meaning that you will never be left with an unsafe or sub-standard construction. Each of the projects that we undertake is completed to industry standards and designed to meet local authority building regulations.

For Premium Modular Rehabilitation Buildings, Get In Touch With Cotaplan Today

Here at Cotaplan, we have more than three decades’ experience when it comes to providing high-quality, modular spaces for medical facilities. Our flexible and affordable portable rehab centres are the perfect solution for all kinds of healthcare providers, including both NHS hospitals and private healthcare facilities.

When you choose to work with Cotaplan, you will enjoy:

  • A speedy construction time, anywhere from a few weeks to just a few days.
  • Premium quality, comfort and professional aesthetics.
  • A smooth project workflow, completed on-budget and on-schedule.
  • A huge reduction in costs when compared to traditional building.

Whether you’re looking for modular rehabilitation buildings or any other kind of pre-fabricated medical construction, such as wards, doctor’s surgeries, pharmacies or operating theatres, get in touch with Cotaplan today! Our professional team can deliver a quick, high-quality building at a fraction of the cost.

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