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Portable Medical Clinic Design


At Cotaplan, we specialise in medical clinic design through modular construction and installation. Our pre-fabricated buildings are perfect for remote locations who may find it difficult to access a main hospital. Thanks to our experience, and the intelligent design services that we can provide, you can be assured of a comfortable and intuitive clinic design which can be built in a very short time period.
In the past, our portable clinics have been used by both NHS hospitals and private healthcare organisations. They have also been used abroad, as well as here in the UK, for both humanitarian operations and civil service purposes.

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    Why Choose A Cotaplan Modular Clinic Building?

    Our medical clinics are modular which means they can be quickly and easily manufactured and erected. In addition, thanks to their simplicity, they can quickly and easily be taken down and moved to a new location. They are easily transferable from one location to another, making them ideal for use at another site should your work environment shift.

    Our pre-fabricated constructions can also be built to meet your needs. For example, you can quickly and easily adapt these healthcare spaces by adding or removing components to ensure the most suitable medical structure. Easy to set up, dismantle, relocate and adapt, Cotaplan’s medical and field clinics are ideal for a whole range of situations.

    In addition to being completely adaptable and versatile, our modular clinic buildings are completely independent. Equipped with all the medical equipment and systems that you could feasibly need, these self-contained buildings are perfect for a whole range of medical scenarios. Our medical clinic design is ideal for any client who needs access to a medical facility in a hurry. 




    A Bespoke Modular Clinic To Suit Your Situation

    Our medical clinic designs are completely bespoke. That means that each medical or field clinic that we provide will be customised to your needs. This can include anything from a unique floorplan to meet your preferences, to a variety of different facilities within the design. Our goal is to deliver a premium field clinic which is effectively and intuitively laid out, equipped with all the facilities you will require and provide a comfortable environment for both patients and staff, no matter the situation.

    Our medical clinic designs can include a full range of potential components, including:

    • Patient Wards –These can be enlarged in size to provide as many beds as you like. In addition, you can also include private rooms, isolation rooms and male/female ward segregation.
    • Surgical Rooms and Operating Theatres – These can be sterile environments, designed to offer all the benefits of an operating theatre in a hospital. Surgical rooms can also be used for pre-ops or post-op treatments. Equipping a field clinic with the ability to perform even the most basic surgeries could save a great many lives.
    • Outpatient Treatment – This can include general areas for vaccinations, or general walk-in areas for walking wounded.
    • Non-Medical Areas – This could include a security office or a chaplaincy, for example.
    • Accident and Emergency

    No matter what you choose to include in your medical clinic design, you can be assured of its reliability. Cotaplan’s modular healthcare facilities are designed to be quickly and easily movable, enabling you to get to where you need to be in as little time as possible.

    Over the years, we have worked alongside a complete range of medical organisations, from the NHS, to private healthcare to the military. Our medical modules have provided uncompromising service in the most unforgiving of environments, including overseas and inaccessible areas of the UK. These solutions are quick and easy to build, enabling them to reach even the most difficult of areas. Traditional buildings could take months, or even years, to become operational in the environments. Thanks to modular buildings, patients could find themselves welcome in a comfortable and intuitive medical environment in just a matter of weeks.



    At Cotaplan, we have spent more than three decades working with doctors, nurses and patients to create the most comfortable and practical portable clinics in the world. Our pre-fabricated materials are perfect for a quick and easy construction, enabling regular movement to reach patients who might otherwise not have access to healthcare.

    Our medical clinic designs are completely customisable, enabling you the ability to dynamically adapt your layout to meet your changing needs. This flexibility can make a practical difference in the field and could mean the difference between an effective course of treatment and a patient’s ill health.

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