Modular Interiors by Cotaplan

Permanent buildings are entirely versatile, sustainable building structures that can be used for a number of limitless commercial applications. Whether you need a modular construction to use in the grounds of a school, office or hospital that caters for canteen or toilet facilities, we understand that budget comes at the top of your list. Modular constructions are now able to deliver many useful and staple facilities to allow them to be comfortable and stylish business venues. Cotaplan can tailor a building based on your particular requirements from hard wearing flooring, to fully functioning and operational kitchens.

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A number of features can be added to a modular build to ensure security and comfort. These can include a security locking system, which can prevent unauthorised access to the building – ideal if you have a lot of working equipment.

We can make sure you building complies with working disability standards for both physically and visually impaired.

You can enhance the appearance of your modular building interior with a wide variety of special touches. These can range from different floor coverings, chairs, tables, and CAT II light fittings. The type of furniture that you will want to install in the building will depend on the purpose of the structure – for example, desk equipment can be fitted if you are planning to run your business from inside the building. You will be able to choose from a wide range of different design options when designing your modular building in which at Cotaplan we listen, so we can accommodate the fixtures fit for purpose.

Educational and Office Building Interiors