Cotaplan have recently completed new office and welfare facilities at a mine in Devon where they mine tungsten metal.  Tungsten is the world’s hardest metal and used in a variety of everyday products for this reason.

Working in a hard environment such as this requires a building to match.  This new Cotaplan modular building boasts the following finishes:



Highly resistant galvanised steel cladding that has excellent UV and low corrosive properties.  Outside of marine environments it can last in excess of 25 years with little maintenance required.


Megadecorated board is a versatile internal wall boarding with a gypsum core – popular in the modular building industry.  The board is stronger and harder than normal plasterboards and has superior fire, sound and impact properties.  The board is prefinished with a vinyl-faced coating which is easy to wipe down and maintain.


The roof is finished with an EPDM rubber roofing system which is one of the world’s most recognised and used flat roofing membranes.  Suitable for hot and cold environments, it is not easily affected by UV light and, with the right inspection and maintenance regime, can last in excess of 20 years.


These are manufactured from fully galvanised steel with an insulated core and high security hinge and lock furniture.  Its strength helps it to maintain its shape and function normally in a harsh environment.


Our windows are constructed from PVC-U multi-chambered framing with excellent durability.  With proper maintenance and repair these can last in excess of 35 years – with no repainting often associated with other window types.

All Cotaplan modular buildings come with a range of durable and cost-effective finishes – suitable for most environments and affordable without having to dig too deep.

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