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Long-Term and Short-Term Modular Building Hire

Temporary Building Hire

When you need a temporary building to accommodate people, patients or employees whether its unexpected or planned, Cotaplan modular hire means you won’t have to compromise on quality.

When it is not feasible or affordable to commission a brand new modular building, hiring a pre-existing building on a short or longer-term basis could be the ideal course of action.

Solutions for building hire couldn’t be easier because Cotaplan will provide your business with all the benefits of a permanent system. A purpose built modular system can accommodate toilets, play areas and electrical equipment.

Cotaplan’s promise to deliver buildings on time:

At the Cotaplan Centre, buildings are in stock ready for the most urgent requirements including flooding, refurbishments and building damage. By having a purpose built stock, Cotaplan can deliver the accommodation in even a matter of days. Permanent buildings can even boast more light and have the comfort for both pupils and employees that you are used to.

modular buildings for hire

Tailored Modular Building Hire Solutions from Cotaplan – Call us Today!

We can provide a wide array of temporary building hire solutions, including portable office cabin hire at competitive rates! To find out how we can assist you, get in touch with our team free of charge on 0800 7999049 today. We look forward to working with you!

Further to our temporary building hire services, we can also design and build portable offices in line with your requirements.


Reasons why you should lease or hire your temporary building from Cotaplan:


Speed of delivery

Ready to deliver quality used or purpose built accommodation for a range of industry education and healthcare sectors.

No-risk, no-hassle hire option

We provide you with fully fitted modular buildings of superior quality. When your requirement of the building is over, we will simply take it away.


Complete one-stop-shop hire service

Cotaplan is a one stop solution for all UK permanent hire building requirements. A single point of contact serves all your requirements such as:

  • Project management including planning permission applications and groundworks.
  • Wall or ceiling mounted climate control systems to maintain an easy working environment for the entire year.
  • Workstations and other office furniture such as storage and chairs.
  • Fire and Security alarms.
  • Data connections for standalone systems and networks.
  • Steps as well as ramps complying with Building Regulations.

Hire your building with no maintenance worries

When you enter into a hire agreement with Cotaplan, you remain free from maintenance and servicing worries of your building. This is because all of your maintenance and servicing projects are undertaken by us to ensure that your modular building continues to provide you optimum service throughout the contract period.

A simple phone call to our office and we can dispatch members of our team to service the modular building. 


Flexible hire solutions to comply with future needs

All modular lease and hire solutions can be customized as per the needs required. If your requirements change with time, buildings can be reconfigured, extended or even relocated.

We can also provide you with a wide range of exterior finishes that comply with mobility and disability and the department of education. Cotaplan provide optional features including sound reduction, suspended ceiling systems, high impact internal linings and increased floor loading. Discover what Cotaplan can do for you.

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