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Cotaplan are at the height of customer satisfaction and have a reputation for exceeding expectations, that’s why they’re the number one company for any modular building need in the UK. Modular buildings are fast becoming the number one form of construction in the UK and it’s easy to see why. Whether it’s the cheaper costs, eco friendly manufacturing, speedy installation or any other reasons, Cotaplan are the ‘go to’ company for all your modular building needs.

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What is a Modular Building and what are the Advantages?

Created with Specialist Machinery at an Offsite Factory

Unlike a conventional construction, modular buildings are manufactured offsite at a factory using heavy duty machinery. This process is closely monitored for quality, and each building can be personalised to the customers requirements. Not only this, but modular builds can be manufactured in a variety of materials, ensuring durability. A typical singular unit is usually constructed of steel, however, it can also be made from brick, concrete and mortar as they have insulation and durability benefits.

Low Cost & a Smart Investment

Prefabricated buildings, as they are also known, can also be installed and then relocated to other destinations. If your business location needs to change, then a modular build can be taken with you. This alone is extremely cost effective, but that’s not the only was in which a modular building can save you money. Unlike a traditional permanent buildings, because a modular build is manufactured in a remote factory off site, there are less workers needed for the installation. This saves many customers a lot of money regarding labour costs.

Truly Economically Friendly

Modular buildings are also extremely eco friendly. Prefabricated builds can be created using a staggering 80% recycled materials, which completely ensures maximum efficiency. This is an exceedingly attractive attribute due to today’s eco climate, and the public’s encouragement in being more energy efficient.

A Modular Build can be placed quickly, almost Anywhere

As long as there are suitable foundations or a level standing area then you will be able to install a modular building. They are able to be placed on almost any surface, and can then be disassembled and relocated to a new destination. Not only this, a complex modular build can be completed in close to 3 months. Obtaining building permission for modular buildings is also much faster than that of a permanent conventional build, speeding up the process even more. With such a quick turnaround time, the disruption caused to your business will be at an all time low. This means the time of you losing money is minimised, and the speed of a financial return is much faster.

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