Modular Rooms by Cotaplan

Modular rooms come in all shapes and sizes and are the new convenient, cost effective and eco-friendly solution to building.

Coming in useful for a range of functions; modular buildings can be manufactured to make classroom space, nursery space, NHS or health service centres, retail units, restaurants, offices or even hotels. A modular unit can be standalone or used as an extension to your existing property.

prefabricated rooms

Here at Cotaplan, we design, construct and erect modular rooms for various organisations and businesses throughout the UK. We’re recognised as one of the UK’s leading modular building specialists having won the Green Apple Award 2015 for one of our echo friendly builds situated in the London borough.

If you’re looking for efficient modular buildings, built with a specific interest to your specific needs and budget, why not contact us direct for free quotes information and advice? Committed to quality customer service, we deliver our bespoke preabricated rooms nationwide and are always happy to answer any questions you may have on the modular building trade.

What Are Modular Rooms?

Modular rooms, sometimes known as prefabricated rooms, are becoming increasingly popular in the UK as more businesses and organisations are beginning to see the pros of this new form of construction.

Modular rooms are constructed offsite at our factory in the North of England and erected at your chosen location. We use a range of materials in our modular buildings depending on the look, style and function desired for your chosen modular room or modular building.


The Benefits of Modular Rooms
  • Low cost

The main, most attractive benefit of modular building is its cost efficiency. Compared to conventional construction, modular buildings are manufactured in factories using heavy duty machinery and saves customers lots of money in labour costs.

  • Economically Friendly

Prefabricated buildings can be built using 80% recycled materials ensuring maximum efficiency. This is an increasingly attractive attribute of modular buildings as we strive to be ever more energy efficient in today’s eco climate.

  • Quick Turn Around

Time saving during the construction process is essential in today’s fast paced environments. A great benefit of modular builds is the ability to construct a build in as little as 8 weeks. This causes minimal disruption for clients, while saving costs and ensuring your building is safe and fit for use in the quickest possible time.

  • Can stand on virtually any surface

Modular buildings and modular rooms can be placed on various surfaces. The main requirement is that the surface has suitable foundations or a level standing area to ensure you’re building is level and fully fit for purpose.

What Is The Difference Between a Modular and Portable Building?

Modular buildings come under the same category as prefabricated buildings which are constructed offsite and pieced together at your chosen location. Portable buildings are completely constructed offsite, transported by road and installed on site ready for use immediately.

A modular building is usually constructed from 2 or more modules, delivered on site and then craned into position. This building type supports your individual needs as you’re able to construct buildings of any size with multiple storeys dependant on your specific needs and preferences.

Why Are Modular Rooms the Most Sought After Construction Method Today?

Modular rooms are durable, energy efficient and cheap to source which is why it’s a growing branch in the building trade.

At the height of customer satisfaction; we ensure your needs are met and exceeded with precise, adaptable modular building solutions. Our modular rooms are constructed to give you unrivalled quality assurance which are tailored to suit your specific requirements and budgets.

Want to relocate your preabricated rooms or units?

Here at Cotaplan, we can relocate your current modular room if you’re moving site or location. Our transportation vehicles are specifically designed to transport modular constructions with ease. For more information, contact Cotaplan today on 08007999049

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