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Making sense of the new Priority School Building Programme has been brought to you by Cotaplan, as we continue to play an integral part in helping to build better schools and build better learning roots in the teaching environment.

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On every project delivered by Cotaplan, each of our buildings has helped businesses and services to cut down waste, reduce carbon emissions and most of all save on cost.

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IF you are looking for a modular unit company then look no further than Cotaplan. We are committed to reaching the expectations and high demands of all of our clients where our services extend throughout many different industry sectors such as healthcare, education corporate and construction. Call us today on 0800 7999049 today.

Modular buildings are sectional pre-fabricated buildings made in a plant and than delivered to clients in a single or several complete modular sections. The units are manufactured in enclosed facilities in which construction is not hindered by poor environmental factors. Unlike traditional construction, construction using modular units is cost effective and ideal for quality production. Below is a look at the benefits of modular building construction.

A top benefit of modular buildings has to do with savings made in time and costs. As mentioned earlier, they are manufactured in a secure facility such that predictability of quality is centered in a factory setting. This significantly benefits the project, and afterwards the modules can easily be transported to the construction site for installation. Carrying out a project in this manner saves time and money as preparation of the construction site takes place while the modules are being made. Also, there are no delays due to bad weather, and site installation takes place much faster.

The flexibility associated with modular buildings is another advantage. Modular units can easily be relocated, allowing the owner to move and re-use them. In addition, they are expandable in a way that accommodates the owner’s requirements in the future. Buildings made from modular construction are recommended for both permanent and temporary applications. Often, they are used as real estate offices, workforce housing accommodations, banks, schools, medical and senior centers, classrooms, recreational facilities, and numerous other purposes.

Quality control is another advantage of modular units as it is built into each step of the construction process. These units are manufactured in enclosed spaces under controlled and strict conditions where they are not affected by weather elements such as wind and rain. The materials used are stored and used in moderated temperatures in a way that does away with warping, twisting and associated waste. This way, there is no manufacture of poor quality products. Every component undergoes inspection at every phase and has to be approved by third party inspectors. These inspectors ensure that the components comply with precise codes and specifications. The employees who make them work in a consistent environment with an efficiently designed space and good lighting.

Modular buildings are very high performance. Modern such buildings look and perform just as well as structures made using traditional on-site construction. What’s more, they can be designed in a way that they blend in and harmonize with the surroundings.

In conclusion, it can be seen that modular buildings are nowadays more than merely some portable classrooms and temporary construction trailers. Uses of modular building solutions are unlimited. They range from permanent housing in both urban and remote conditions to municipal facilities and retail space solutions. They are also used for special event requirements and industrial site offices. End users in their hundreds benefit from the flexibility and ease of use that comes with modular construction. Beautiful pre-fabricated buildings can be of any size, custom designed in a way that they meet specific needs, and can even be made to have several stories.

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