March 5, 2020

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New Welfare Facilities in Basingstoke


Our team are currently in the final stages of completing a brand new welfare facility for a client in Basingstoke. Once complete, this bespoke modular building will incorporate a canteen, dry room, showers, toilet, office and meeting room. 


This modern, multi-purpose modular building is comfortable, modern and durably constructed. We were able to design and build a facility to meet this client’s requirements at a considerably lower cost than with traditional construction methods. 


A Turnkey Modular Construction Solution


Modular construction is a versatile, cost-effective method that is suitable for a wide array of applications. The key benefits of choosing modular buildings over traditional construction include faster project turnaround and minimal disruption on site. 


The new welfare facility building was manufactured at an off-site facility, whilst the foundations and drainage were prepared at the same time. As the modules which make up the building were assembled off site, we were able to keep any on-site disruption to an absolute minimum.


Using modern modular construction methods, we were able to build and install the structure within a short timeframe. Many businesses and organisations requiring welfare facilities are turning to modular construction companies such as Cotaplan to deliver their projects. 


Considering a Modular Building Project? We are Here for You!


At Cotaplan, we have been providing first-class modular construction solutions since 1982. No matter what type of modular building you have in mind, we’re confident that we can deliver your requirements. We are renowned for our technical expertise, attention to detail and ability to deliver on time and on budget. 


If you feel that your business would benefit from one or more modular building, why not give our dedicated team a call? To learn more about the services we offer, or to commission a project please speak to our team on 0800 7999049 (Freephone) today.


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