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Modular Laboratories From Cotaplan

Modular Laboratories may be referred to as devices, equipment or complete systems that can be carried or moved easily from one destination to another. A ‘Portable Lab’ may also be known as transportable units.

Modular Laboratories have become an important resource for government, industry, homeland, medical and military security applications. The laboratories that are offered by Cotaplan come in different designs and sizes to best suits client requirements. They are all fitted with the appropriate equipment that allows processes to take place.

Are Modular Laboratories Relocatable?

The beauty of hiring or purchasing a modular laboratory is that they are relocatable. Often called mobile laboratories, despite not being on wheels, modular labs can be placed at your chosen site. Should you ever need to move the lab to a different position or a completely different site altogether, then the laboratory can be relocated by our experienced team.

The majority of equipment found in conventional stationary laboratories can be installed in our mobile units. Cotaplan ensure that the equipment supplied to your company is secure, shock mounted and meets the regulations set. A high proportion of research techniques can be accommodated in a mobile laboratory.

Mobile research laboratories have become a valuable resource for government, industry, medical, military, petrochemical, and homeland security applications. These modular / portable laboratories come in all sizes and structures. The common thread among all of the variations, however, is that they are mobile and they have controlled environments.

Advantages that you receive from renting or buying one of our modular laboratories are that they can be transported to the exact location where the laboratory is required or they can be attached to an existing lab facility for improved permanent or temporary capabilities.

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Modular laboratory buildings are a cost-effective short or long term solution for  – Nationwide UK.

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