What is Modular Construction?

March 8, 2022

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… and What Types of Modular Building Can Cotaplan Deliver? 


In our latest article, we will provide a brief explanation of modular construction – and the various types of modular building we create. Firstly, let us turn our attention to how we define ‘modular construction’ …

Modular buildings (sometimes also referred to as either prefabricated or volumetric buildings) are structures which comprise a series of components that are manufactured in an off-site factory setting, before being assembled on site. 

Thanks to faster their turnaround times (up to 30-50% faster than comparable bricks-and-mortar projects) and lower build costs without compromise on quality, modular buildings are continuing to grow in popularity among enterprising business leaders at all levels.

Here at Cotaplan, we have been designing, manufacturing and constructing high-quality modular buildings since 1982. No matter what your modular construction requirements, we are confident that our team can provide a reliable, cost-effective solution for you and your business. 

We have reliably delivered turnkey modular solutions for clients in a wide array of industries. Here is a breakdown of the various types of modular buildings that we can deliver for you:

Modular Offices


If you require more space for your business operations, we can deliver a tailored modular office solution. Our custom prefabricated office buildings can be designed to fulfil virtually any business requirement. 

Modular offices are such a popular option for today’s business due to their sheer versatility. For instance, if your business grows and you need space to accommodate new hires, we can add levels to your existing single-storey modular building. Or, we can build multi-storey modular buildings suitable for office use from scratch! 


Modular Education Buildings

Modular Education Buildings


We can deliver a wide array of modular education buildings, including:


Prefab Nursery Buildings


Our team have designed, manufactured and built bespoke modular nursery buildings to suit a wide range of requirements. We have designed 20, 30, 40 and 60 place nurseries for past clients. With a wealth of experience in construction within the Education sector, you can count on us to deliver a first–class solution for your nursery.

Modular School Buildings


At Cotaplan, we recognise the ever-changing and evolving needs of today’s pupils and teachers. We can deliver both permanent and temporary modular buildings for schools and academies.

No matter whether you require a complete modular school building, or a number of smaller modular classrooms, Cotaplan is the modular building company you can trust. The turnaround time for a typical modular school building project is just 6-8 weeks. So, you can enhance your school’s facilities with minimal disruption for your staff and pupils.


Modular College Buildings


We can deliver bespoke college building solutions to meet all manner of teaching and learning requirements. Whether you plan to expand the range of subjects taught on campus or accommodate a growing intake of students, we can deliver one or more modular buildings to meet these requirements.


Modular University Buildings


Today’s universities are constantly refining their educational programmes to prepare students for careers in a host of fast-moving industries. We have helped numerous universities stay competitive by designing, manufacturing and building bespoke canteens, dorms, sports halls, classrooms, libraries, portable laboratories – and much more! 

Not only is modular construction a reliable, cost-effective solution for universities, it’s also one of the most eco-friendly methods available!

Modular Healthcare Buildings 

We also provide a range of tailored modular healthcare building solutions to suit a variety of specialised requirements, including:


Modular Hospital Buildings


We can deliver an extensive range of modular hospital buildings to suit a wide variety of NHS and private healthcare requirements. This includes the design and construction of prefabricated hospital layouts for single or multi-storey buildings. We can also build modular wards suitable to help hospitals safely accommodate more patients. 

Choosing modular hospital buildings to accommodate your patients can allow healthcare providers to save considerably on time and construction costs, without compromising on quality. 


Portable Clinics

We have a strong track record for delivering portable clinics for NHS and private healthcare providers alike! Our team will work with you to design your new clinic in every detail before delivering the project on time and on budget.

Doctor’s Surgeries


If you are a doctor in need of your own surgery or would like to update or expand an existing surgery, our dedicated experts can help. We can design, manufacture and assemble a modern, hygienic, spacious modular doctor’s surgery in line with your specifications. 

Modular Dental Offices

Thanks to the faster build times and flexibility offered by modular construction, many dental practices are now commissioning modular dental offices and surgeries to accommodate their patients. 


Modular Pharmacy


Installing additional pharmacy units around hospitals can help to reduce congestion from patients and reduce waiting times. It will also make the experience easier for patients with limited mobility. We can provide turnkey modular pharmacies to NHS, private healthcare providers and even pharmacy chains! 

Our Other Modular Buildings


Some of the other modular building solutions we can deliver for you, include:

Please bear in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of our modular building capabilities. If you have a specific modular project in mind that is not mentioned above, we may be able to provide an optimal solution. To discuss the requirements of your next modular project, please get in touch with our team. Contact us free of charge on (0800) 7999049. Alternatively, fill out our Contact Form and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. 


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