Eco-Friendly Modular Buildings

Cotaplan Eco-Friendly Modular Buildings

Cotaplan provides a large range of eco-friendly modular buildings for a variety of different markets. The eco buildings are created to a high standard, and are created with quality in mind.

Our eco modular buildings provide a range of different uses such as eco classrooms, eco-friendly offices which are all designed to offer low running costs because of their innovative approach to saving energy.

Cotaplan are always searching for ways to increase sustainability while also minimising the impact on the environment.

What are eco-friendly portable buildings?

Eco friendly portable buildings are modular buildings which come packed with sustainable energy and revolutionise the future of low cost, low emission and affordable office space for almost any environment.  The buildings are the most cost effective solution to temporary and long term offices, classrooms and marketing solutions, because of their ability to maintain heat, saving on overhead costs while using an eco building.

Why use eco-friendly portable buildings?

Eco buildings can be ready in almost half of the time that traditional construction takes. Factory production guarantees that there are no delays because of weather, stolen or damaged materials or lack of workers.

Recycled materials

A new eco building built from new materials or old individual components is treated the same way as any other new building and has to fully comply with part Lof building regulations.  The materials that are used in creating eco buildings are recycled in a factory, this prevents waste of unused materials and helps towards preserving the environment. Whether you’re adding to an existing construction or you’re building from scratch, a eco building is definitely the environmentally friendliest way of obtaining a building solutions for your needs.

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