Modular Education Buildings by Cotaplan

Sophisticated, modern building construction for primary, secondary and further education facilities.

Modular Education Buildings by Cotaplan

Sophisticated, modern building construction for primary, secondary and further education facilities.

Modular Education Buildings by Cotaplan

Sophisticated, modern building construction for primary, secondary and further education facilities.

Modular Education Buildings

Cotaplan specialise in three sectors and one of them is designing and constructing educational buildings, from nurseries and schools to colleges and universities. Having constructed educational buildings throughout the UK, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide quality construction with the quick turnaround you require for the least disruption as possible.

If you are planning an extension to your current building or you want a new section or complete new building altogether for your school or educational facility, then get in touch with Cotaplan today.

Why Should Schools and Education Sector Choose Modular Construction

Educational facilities are extremely important in today’s world. With a population growth rate which is expected to reach 6 billion people by 2040, the need to develop areas of learning has never been higher. Yet, many educational facility construction projects are delayed or never started due to the budget, safety issues, or the time which on-site construction presents.

Modular construction for educational facilities offers a modern solution to a long standing problem, “How can our educational facility be built or expanded without risking the safety and well-being of those we are trying to educate?” The answer is quite simple; have the building constructed off-site.

Modular Solutions For Educational Facilities

Cotaplan can deliver prefabricated educational buildings as detached, singular builds, extensions onto existing buildings or even as a full educational complex.

Take a look below at just some of the uses for educational modular buildings and how they can suit the requirements of your school or learning programme.

Sophisticated, Modern Educational Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are vast in their styles and designs. The layout can be one storey or multi-storey building, simple or complex. The thought that educational modular buildings have to have a boxy, industrial look is simply not true. Buildings which can be constructed on-site can be constructed off-site with the same, if not higher, quality. Educational modular facilities are pushing the envelope in modern styles, designs, materials, and construction methods. Some of the modular education buildings which we have constructed have rivalled some of the most luxurious facilities in the area. We think outside of the box, we don’t construct them.

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    Prefab Educational Buildings Boast High Standards with Lower Risks

    Creating a safe environment is paramount for any training institution to ensure daily learning isn’t disrupted, especially with children who’s development is at a critical point. With on-site construction, the educational facility’s representatives must take into account that there will be heavy machinery, materials, and other possible threats (including allergens in the air from the construction process) which could threaten the safety of those being educated. Most educational facilities either avoid construction entirely or try to have the facility constructed during the holiday period to lessen the risks and disruption posed to their students and the general running of their training facility. .

    Modular construction allows for you to have the same building, built to the same standards as that of an on-site building, in less time and for a fraction of the cost. In most cases, your prefabricated educational building can be delivered to your site in a matter of days. From there, the finishing interior construction and other necessary work can be completed in as little as 8 weeks.

    Modular Education Buildings Which Promotes Change

    One of the benefits of using modular buildings for your school or educational facility is that they are often constructed using recycled materials. We can also implement larger windows, skylights, and such features to promote greater energy efficiency into your building’s design without sacrificing structure stability. As educators strive to convey that the world has limited resources and that it is up to the children and future generations to find methods of preserving our resources, modular construction contributes greatly to passing this knowledge on to those which are educated at your facility. Furthermore, by using in-house technologies and methods for constructing your educational facility, we can greatly reduce the emissions and use of heavy equipment, and minimise the damage done to the earth through the constant use of machinery going through the site.

    With modular educational buildings constructed in various parts and delivered to a site, construction can be undertaken in almost any area. Floorplans are not restricted by the limitations of the on-site team because the facility is constructed in a place where those limitations do not exist. Off-site construction allows us to fully address your needs where building on-site could have its limitations.

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