Modular Community Centres

There is a profound use of modular buildings because of its low impact on the environment. Cotaplan have installed modular centres in Schools as classrooms, healthcare facilities such as laboratories and clinics, but because we build and design modular plans, they can facilitate as other scaled building uses.

In the UK many villages or towns have a community centre which still takes pride of place amongst the people with a variety of uses.

Community centres

Community centres cover a myriad of uses in delivering public services for government councils and private investors. Community centres cover

  • Scout huts
  • Brownie huts
  • Sport centres
  • Community halls
  • Social support centres
  • Community arts
  • Church halls
  • Village halls
  • Club houses

Expect full modular integration from Cotaplan

Full project management

Cotaplan will design and build any modular community centre by offering a full turn key solution to allow us to fully manage and operate with the permissions of local authorities and building regulations. Full project management includes landscaping and installing drainage and water facilities to allow the building to be fully compliant and habitable.

The greenest eco friendly solution

Cotaplan are the greenest modular suppliers you will find. This is because modular builds are extremely low on carbon emissions from the point of manufacturing to long term maintenance of the building use.

Faster Build

It is no lie that a traditional build takes months and with complications. Modular builds have cut building time to completion by almost 50%. This has been made possible because each modular specification is designed in the factory and installed quicker.

All round comfort

Because modular builds are greener, they are also eco friendly towards heating, lowering energy consumption because of its ability to retain heat and insulate for longer periods.

Build your modular specification

Cotaplans build solutions are flexible whereby modular community centres can be customised internally to suit the needs and specification of its overall purpose and use.

Internal modular specifications

Insulation: Insulate a modular community centre for audio and noise, where purposes may involve performing arts or music events and lessons. Walls, floors and ceiling can be sound proofed to absorb any noise from leaking externally.
Floor Designs: Flooring can be chosen to suit the internal design specification and minimise maintenance for cleaning and wear and tear. Choices can include tiles, laminate and carpet.

Special internal designs

Modular builds come as a whole package to suit the overall use of the community centre. As sometimes a community centre can have a number of purposes, popular among centres can be a stage to hold musical or theatrical events. A modular build specification can readily accommodate this in the plan management.

Toilets and kitchen facilities

All modular buildings will require toilets to ensure they meet habitable regulations. Kitchen facilities are a choice with can help expend the use of the modular community centre for present and future use.

External Modular Specifications

Cotaplans build solutions are flexible whereby modular community centres can be customised externally to suit the needs and specification of its overall purpose and use.

Windows & door safety features

Windows and doors can accommodate safety locking features to prevent accidents and increase security of when the community centre or hut is closed.

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