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Prefabricated Halls & Community Centre Buildings

In many towns and villages, the community hall is where the neighbourhood residents can come together for meetings, celebrations and events. These buildings are often rented out too by local businesses and initiatives such as scouts and brownies, boxing clubs and dance schools.

With many buildings being sold off or demolished, finding a building to occupy as a village hall is becoming harder. Some are being converted into homes or other commercial buildings whilst some buildings are so dilapidated and in disrepair that there’s no choice but to demolish them. Many communities are now looking towards the idea of prefabricated village halls and modular buildings as an eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative for their community centre.

Cotaplan know how important a community hub is that is why we can construct prefabricated community buildings that is suitable for a multitude of uses, from hosting the local art class to putting on theatrical performances.

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    Full Modular Integration From Cotaplan

    Full Project Management

    We can design and build any modular community centre by offering a full turn-key solution. Full project management includes landscaping and installing drainage and water facilities to allow the building to be fully compliant and habitable.

    Eco-Friendly Solution

    Cotaplan are the greenest modular suppliers you will find. This is because modular builds are extremely low on carbon emissions from the point of manufacturing to long term maintenance of the building use.


    It is no lie that a traditional build takes months and with complications. Modular builds have cut building time to completion by almost 50%. This has been made possible because each modular specification is designed in the factory and installed quicker.


    Because modular builds are greener, they are also eco friendly towards heating, lowering energy consumption because of its ability to retain heat and insulate for longer periods.

    Built To Your Specification

    Cotaplan’s build solutions are flexible whereby modular community centres can be customised internally to suit the needs and specification of its overall purpose and use.


    Why choose a modular community building over a traditional brick build?

    One of the main reasons why local authorities demolish or sell off buildings is because they’re losing more money than they’re making. Often these buildings are old and are in dire need of repair as maintenance has not been kept up over the years. With a modular community building, there’s less to maintain as the building is constructed of recycled materials that aren’t as prone to succumb to the elements as brick. They’re also incredibly energy efficient and able to retain heat and insulate the room for longer periods, resulting in lower heating bills.

    When building a property from scratch, a traditional brick building can take months of planning before anything has even been built. The construction of the building often takes even longer still, not to mention the disruption it causes to the surrounding neighbourhood in terms of noise and volume of construction traffic. Prefabricated village halls and community buildings are different. Once a design and plan is in place, the building is constructed in-house at our facility before being shipped to your desired location and being erected. This cuts down the construction time enormously and minimises the noise and disruption when on site with fewer workmen and less major construction work needed. The reduction in labour and costs involved versus traditional build means that a modular community building is also cheaper to construct, providing much-needed savings for both communities or authorities without losing quality of build.

    The beauty of prefabricated builds is that they’re portable so if you ever need to move location, we can transport your modular community centre to your new site. No need to sell the property or build a new one. They are also scalable so if you ever need to extend or add more rooms or even another storey, our skilled team at Cotaplan can adapt the building for you.

    Suitable For:

    • Scout huts
    • Brownie huts
    • Sport centres

    • Community halls
    • Social support centres
    • Community arts

    • Church halls
    • Village halls
    • Club houses
    Modular Community Building

    Full Design Of Your Prefabricated Community Building

    Internal Modular Specification

    Insulation: Insulate a modular community centre for audio and noise, where purposes may involve performing arts or music events and lessons. Walls, floors and ceiling can be sound proofed to absorb any noise from leaking externally.

    Floor Designs: Flooring can be chosen to suit the internal design specification and minimise maintenance for cleaning and wear and tear. Choices can include tiles, laminate and carpet.

    Special Internal Designs

    We can work with you on the village community hall design so it caters for your requirements. As a community centre can be used for different things, from live music events and workshop classes to craft markets and public consultation events, the layout of the hall and the internal design, fixtures and fittings need to be satisfy the needs of all users. Our team can assess this and produce a design that meets these specifications.

    Toilet and Kitchen Facilities

    All modular buildings will require toilets to ensure they meet habitable regulations. Kitchen facilities are a choice with can help expend the use of the modular community centre for present and future use.

    External Modular Specifications

    Cotaplans build solutions are flexible whereby modular community centres can be customised externally to suit the needs and specification of its overall purpose and use.

    Windows and Doors Safety Features

    Windows and doors can accommodate safety locking features to prevent accidents and increase security of when the community centre or hut is closed.

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