Framework Agreement

Framework Agreement Construction

If you’re in charge of any small or large-scale project, then you might want to consider framework agreement construction. This kind of solution can offer a full range of advantages which set it apart from any alternative strategy. It should be understood that, in order for a building project of this style to be effective, it should be viewed as a long-term relationship. You need to ensure that you are building a long-term relationship with the community to deliver sustainable improvement.

What Is Framework Agreement Construction?

Clients which are continuously commissioning high volumes of construction work can use agreed framework construction strategies to reduce procurement timescales. These agreements enable clients to hire tenders to carry out services over a period of time, usually on a call-off basis when necessary.

By Cotaplan’s professional team, you can be assured of a consistent, high-quality service that will drastically improve the quality of your project. We will work as and when required to deliver on your project layout. Framework agreement construction typically involves a long-term commitment with a team of professional modular builders that you can trust.

What Are The Benefits Of Agreed Framework Construction?

When you are procuring construction services over a long time, a detailed framework can provide a full range of benefits. These advantages can include:

  • Drastically reduced transaction and overall building project costs.
  • Continuous improvement of service for long-term relationships.
  • Better value for money and greater community wealth.
  • Premium solutions, provided as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Construction projects which follow the best practices for the industry.

Sustainable Supply Chains

From your perspective, you will be taking on Cotaplan’s services for a period of time to complete a particular project or projects. However, one of the main concerns for many businesses is that local suppliers may not be able to fulfil the required orders to date. This is one of the most common ways in which these kinds of construction projects suffer.

At Cotaplan, we provide pre-fabricated buildings which can be quickly and easily assembled. This means that there will be absolutely no delay when it comes to procuring high-quality, factory-condition buildings. This helps to avoid delays of any kind, and ensure that your framework agreement construction is completed on time.

Strategic Partnerships For Modular Construction

Framework agreements like these should be utilised for projects (or several projects) over an extended period of time. They are designed to offer stability and an assurance of quality to long-term construction projects. Typically, these projects are likely to be high-risk, high-spend constructions, Examples could be educational building projects, modular office developments or portable control centres for long-term roadwork projects.

Agreed framework construction is an essential part of private projects and, in recent years, has become more and more essential to public sector projects. Short-term procurement policies are quickly becoming a thing of the past, as more and more businesses and local authorities take advantage of reliable framework construction. Today, sustainability and reliability are more important than ever. At Cotaplan, we can provide both with our pre-fabricated construction services.

What Can You Expect From Dedicated Framework Construction?

Practical framework agreements offer you the freedom to award contracts without having to re-advertise and re-apply criteria. This can quickly and easily save a substantial amount of time and money for everyone involved.

Most importantly, these agreements are designed to develop long-term, reliable partnerships between suppliers, clients and stakeholders. With Cotaplan, you can be assured that your project will be completed to schedule and create a working environment of continuous improvement.

Choose Cotaplan For Reliable Framework Agreement Construction

At Cotaplan, we firmly believe that framework agreement projects are the future. They offer a full range of advantages for large-scale projects, helping everything to move swiftly and on-budget. If you’re looking for reliability, speed and a high-quality product, then our professional team are the perfect choice for your construction project.

Our team have been providing modular construction for more than 30 years. Our pre-fabricated buildings are much quicker, cheaper and reliable than traditional building. We have worked with medical and educational facilities as well as private businesses to deliver a high-quality project for our clients’ needs. Our experienced team can help you through the entire project, from construction procurement to overall design.

The modular constructions that we can provide are much quicker to build than traditional buildings, and at a fraction of the cost. However, they still provide high-levels of comfort and practicality. They also meet all industry standards and local authority building regulations, ensuring that they are perfectly safe for all uses.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our framework agreement construction services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional team today. You can reach us directly on 0800 7999049. Alternatively, you can email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.