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Multi-storey buildings have proven to be an effective way of construction for decades. Where the designs and the methods of construction have changed over the years, the appeal of having a great deal of functional space without expanding the building over vast amounts of land has been highly effective. Modern construction has shown that more and more buildings are designed for multi-storey purposes and this would make sense. Land is becoming scarcer to find and develop. Commercial properties are generally located in already developed areas which restrict the building of large one storey facilities.

Traditional multi-storey buildings have posed a problem when it comes to construction, especially in already developed commercial areas. For one, you have a considerable amount of cost involved in the construction process. Most traditional construction projects of multi-storey buildings takes several months if not years to complete. Secondly, the company having the construction has to worry about insurance and other fees and licensing for an on-site construction company. Finally, the construction has to be conducted without causing any issues to other existing structures.

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    Lower your “construction site” time

    Construction sites are notorious for producing various issues whether these are from materials not being stored properly and getting damaged, from irate construction workers who have been working for months, frustrated investors, dirt and debris maintenance, etc. Where we cannot eliminate the construction site entirely, the modular construction process greatly reduces the time in which a construction site has to be erected.

    Modular does not mean lower quality

    Multi-storey buildings have to be structurally sound. One of the misconceptions of multi-storey modular construction is that there is a lower standard of construction due to the assembly process. This is a myth. Modular building is made to the same if not higher standard than that of traditional methodologies. Because most of the materials in a modularly constructed multi-storey building can be from recycled and eco-friendly materials, the building will constructed with materials which have been thoroughly tested for their duration to the natural elements such as wind and rain. In most cases the structures which we have made are superior in their integrity than that of commonly constructed buildings.

    Multi-storey modular buildings DO NOT sacrifice the design

    Your multi-storey building is not limited by the modular construction process, quite to the contrary. Where there are a traditional project may limit the design based upon the equipment on site or to other variables, the modular building in most cases can accommodate any design. We work one-on-one with designers to ensure that the building is to their layout.

    If a single storey building wants to have renovations to become a multi-storey building such can be accomplished without having to destroy the roofing system for weeks at a time. Where it is true that when assembly is conducted that the building will have to be modified to accept the components. However, the time in which your single storey will be under construction is greatly reduced.

    Modular Construction provides construction solutions

    Modular construction provides a solution to many of the problems which multi-storey building construction projects face. Because most of the construction is done off site, there is little risk of damage to other existing buildings. Cost is greatly reduced as you will not have to hire several crews to make the building. Also, the time of construction is reduced dramatically from several months to a year or more to 4 to 6 weeks. Assembly can be done in as little as 2 to 3 days with interior fitting in 3 to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of your building.

    Apart from the faster construction, multi-storey modular building construction does not involve multiple construction crews. This means that you will not be paying for several idle workers of a “crew”. This savings can be used for enhancement of the facility’s equipment, landscaping, or any other use you see fit.


    So where is the catch?

    There is no catch. Modular building construction is simply a better and more efficient way of conducting construction. The buildings are structurally sound, constructed to the same if not higher standard than that of traditional construction, green in terms of materials and construction (being that the amount of large construction equipment used and giving off emissions is reduced), and lower in overall cost.

    Let us help you in your project

    If you are looking to construct a multi-storey building or if you are looking to renovate an existing single storey into a multi-storey building would love to help you in your project. We work one-on-one with you as each project is different. By doing so, we provide you with the best solutions and the best buildings.

    If you have any inquires as to the modular building process, our services, or if you have any questions in general please contact us on 0800 7999049

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