Our client originally ordered a two storey modular system. Due to the ever increasing bed pressures our client approached us to see if another floor could be added to the existing building. Our can do approach and in-house design team ensured that the additional floor could be added by firstly installing a pre engineered steel gantry frame spanning the existing building footprint area. The steel gantry was designed by our expert engineers using Westock Beams ensuring a clear span over the existing 1st floor roof area. This ensured no loads are applied to the existing 1st floor roof area. The new manufactured 3rd floor was installed directly onto the pre engineered gantry system. Internal adaptations to the existing 1st floor ensured that the new 3rd floor level was created with little disruption to the existing fully operational Wards. In addition to this, the existing passenger and bed lift was extended as part of the modular design and build works.


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