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Modular Clean Room

At Cotaplan, we have worked alongside both NHS hospitals and private healthcare facilities for more than three decades. We provide a completely bespoke modular clean room, designed to create classified environments. These are essential to protecting medical and clinical processes from harmful, airborne contamination. By creating a sealed-off, sterile environment, our modular clean room can severely reduce failure rates and ensure that you generate the results that you need, first time.

Thanks to the sheer flexibility offered by modular design, we can create a clean room of practically any size. From just a few square feet upwards, you can add a completely secure environment to your NHS hospital or private medical facility.

The Benefits Of A Modular Clean Room

Portable clean rooms are, in many circumstances, the preferred alternative to traditional brick and mortar designs. They are able to provide a full range of unique and flexible capabilities which make them easily stand apart from their conventional alternatives. Just some of these benefits can include:

  • A Completely Versatile Solution: A modular clean room can quickly and easily be assembled, disassembled and relocated. Whether you’re changing your building’s layout or moving properties entirely, you can simply bring your clean rooms with you.
  • Simple To Adapt And Evolve: Modular clean rooms can easily be reconfigured and retrofitted. This could be due to necessary enlargement, or you’re simply upgrading the confidential space and you need to include more equipment.
  • Airflow Control: You can adjust the control of air into the room as required, which is simple to do with a modular alternative. If you were using a traditional building for this purpose, it may involve refitting the entire airflow system, which could quickly become expensive. Whether you’re looking to reduce particle swirling, or eliminate deposition and aggregation of dirt on otherwise clean surface, effective airflow control can make all the difference.
  • Inexpensive Panels: You can perform simple panel modification or exchange on-site to accommodate pass-throughs and custom air-release. Thanks to the versatility of modular design, you can bring clean air into the confidential area as quickly or as gently as you need.
  • Minimal Cost And Lead Time: Thanks to pre-fabricated clean rooms, you can generate a customised and clean environment for your experiments, development or clinical trials in a matter of days. Not only is the entire project much quicker, but it is also available at a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional brick-and-mortar designs.

A Completely Bespoke Pre-Fabricated Clean Room

Although the space is designed using pre-fabricated materials, you can quickly and easily generate a bespoke design for your clinical facility’s needs. At Cotaplan, we are able to offer both softwall and hardwall clean rooms, depending on your requirements.

Hardwall pre-fabricated clean rooms feature rigid panels which meet all industry requirements for static control, chemical resistance as well as internal/external visibility. Softwall clean rooms are more portable and include parting strip shields for easy access, but are less secure.

The confidential spaces that we are able to offer are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Pre-fabricated materials enable us to speed the process up, meaning that you could have your new confidential space set up in just a matter of days. They are full scalable and typically feature a localised design which is not only energy efficient, but helps to keep operational costs as low as possible. Whether you’re an NHS hospital or a private medical company, keeping costs as low as possible is absolutely essential.

All of our modular clean rooms meet particle counts are required by the International Standard ISO 14644-1. For more bespoke options, we can also provide rooms to match ISO 14644-1 Classes 4 – 8 through additional ULPA or HEPA filtration.

Modular Clean Rooms For NHS Hospitals And Private Healthcare Providers

Here at Cotaplan, we have more than 30 years’ experience when it comes to working with the medical sector. We have worked alongside doctors, nurses and patients to develop the highest-quality medical and clinical equipment and pre-fabricated spaces in the UK. Our portable designs are ideal for a quick and easy construction.

As all our pre-fabricated pieces are made off-site, you can be assured of factory quality materials when they arrive on-site. That means you will never receive a substandard or ineffective product from our professional team.

The clinical modular clean rooms that we provide are completely customisable. You’ll have the ability to dynamically alter and adapt your confidential space’s size and layout to meet your needs. This flexibility could make a real difference to your company in the long run, and ensure that your modular clean room continues to be useful for many years to come.

For more information about the intuitive modular clean room designs that we can provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional team today. You can email us or, alternatively, call us directly on 0800 7999049.

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