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The wide range of modular spaces that we can provide for all kinds of medical spaces sets us apart from our competitors. We can provide your medical facility with a modular neonatal unit to ensure that you can provide a high-level of emergency medical care to newborn children and their mothers. Our team have extensive experience when it comes to delivering high-performing and reliable modular buildings for both NHS hospitals and private healthcare facilities.
Over the past few years, we have worked with medical spaces across the UK to deliver industry-leading spaces to suit their needs. Our bespoke buildings are the perfect choice for a wide range of medical spaces, including neonatal units for emergency care.

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    Thanks to the benefits allowed by bespoke modular design, you will be able to offer the most effective medical services to your patients. It is important that neonatal units are some of the most secure and sterile environments and, thanks to modular designs, you will be able to create this space to suit your needs and the needs of your patients.

    A neonatal unit is used to treat ill or premature babies after they are born. It is becoming increasingly common for babies to spend at least some time in the neonatal unit after they are born. In fact, one in nine babies born in the UK will spend at least a few days in the space. There are a wide range of potential issues which could send a new-born baby to the neonatal facility, including:

    • Infections.
    • Temporary Breathing Support.
    • Heart Rate Monitoring.
    • Other Minor Medical Conditions.

    It is important that the new modular neonatal unit for your medical space is a calming environment, for both the children themselves and new parents. After all, seeing your new born child surrounded by a range of large medical equipment can be distressing, so it is important that the environment feels as safe and calm as possible to prevent distress.

    A good or bad neonatal unit doesn’t just come down to the equipment and the attitudes of the staff. A great modular neonatal unit will be designed to soothe and calm the parents of these patients and allow your staff to monitor and treat these new born babies as required.


    Modular design is far more effective than traditional, brick-and-mortar design in any kind of medical space. The entire project time is far shorter than alternative building methods and offers a much wider range of customisation options for our clients.

    Utilising the latest in smart building approaches, we can erect a comprehensive range of high-quality spaces for a wide range of medical facilities. An important part of our service is that we manufacture all the components for the medical space off-site in factory conditions. We also ensure that each piece of equipment has undergone extensive testing before it arrives at your site – that means you can be assured of completely reliable space.

    Our professional team have worked on a wide range of medical spaces over the years. We are specialists when it comes to minimising on-site disruption, allowing your medical facility to continue to operate as normally while we undertake our work.

    Today’s medical spaces need to offer flexible treatment to their patients as well as the ability to fluctuate their design to suit their ever-changing needs. Thanks to a modular neonatal unit, you will be able to adapt and evolve your medical facility’s design are required.

    The versatility of modular medical buildings means that you can create your new modular neonatal unit either as a stand-alone feature on your hospital grounds or as an attachment to your existing medical space. You can create a completely independent space to offer a comprehensive neonatal treatment for all your patients. Just some of the incredible features you can equip your neonatal space with can include:

    • Dedicated Offices.
    • Private Neonatal Rooms.
    • Nurse’s Stations.
    • Waiting Areas.
    • Bathrooms.
    • In-Building Operating Theatres.



    Here at Cotaplan, we have been delivering premium modular construction services for many years. We specialise in creating high-performing, bespoke medical spaces for all kinds of facilities including both NHS and private hospitals. All our modular buildings are designed to meet all relevant building regulations, including local authority and council building regulations, NHS standards and all disabled access and equality act guidelines.

    Our professional team can work with you to create a modular neonatal unit. We can help to design a space which has been built directly around the needs of your patients to provide an outstanding level of medical care. Thanks to the fantastic benefits provided by modular neonatal units, you’ll be able to treat all your patients efficiently whilst providing comfort to both patients’ families and staff.

    For more information on our wide range of bespoke modular spaces, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. You can reach us directly by calling 0800 7999049 today. If you prefer, you can email any queries you have to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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