Modular Emergency Rooms by Cotaplan

Modular Emergency Rooms

Following on from flooding and natural disasters, many medical infrastructures are damaged or find themselves unable to cope with the ensuing demand. Even if there aren’t any major incidents occurring, hospitals up and down the country are struggling to deal with the influx of all kinds of patients. Thanks to modular emergency rooms, medical facilities can gain access to a clean, custom space to treat their patients in an extremely short amount of time. These buildings are quick to install, can be designed to meet your specifications and are perfect for a full range of medical spaces.

Here at Cotaplan, we can provide both NHS hospitals and private healthcare facilities with bespoke modular A&E rooms and medical centres for all kinds of uses. Over the years, our professional team have worked with a wide range of clients to deliver premium, customised spaces. We specialise in deliver extremely high-quality construction as a low-cost solution to all kinds of medical space issues.

What Are the Benefits of Modular Emergency Rooms?

As pre-fabricated medical spaces are entirely customisable, you have the unique ability to choose the perfect layout for your needs. Thanks to the sheer versatility of these spaces, you aren’t limited in your ideas. You new construction can be both externally and internally-fitted to meet your unique requirements and ensure that you can deliver the highest-quality of care to all your patients.

Our modular emergency rooms are designed to fully meet the requirements of both patients and healthcare professionals including doctors and nurses. Thanks to their versatility, our pre-fabricated medical buildings can be equipped with a complete range of equipment to ensure they are the perfect spaces for you and your patients.

Using our intelligent designs services, we can include areas for male and female treatment, quarantine areas for infectious diseases, reception and admission areas in addition to private offices and canteen spaces. We can even include bathrooms with on-site showers to accommodate longer-stay patients and operating theatres for instant treatment.

Modular A&E rooms offer you the benefit of being completely customisable. That means you can choose the layout and design style which offers the most benefits to you. You’ll be able to choose an in-depth interior design which will be able to boast a clinical efficiency and, yet, remain a warm and comfortable environment for your patients.

Why Should You Choose Cotaplan for Pre-Fabricated Accident and Emergency?

Here at Cotaplan, we are proud to offer the highest-quality modular spaces in the UK. Our components are made off-site, in pristine factory conditions, and undergo extensive testing before we ship them to the worksite. That means there’ll be no chance of faulty materials causing your building to suffer in the future. In addition, our industry-leading materials mean that the entire project is simple and clean. This results in a safe space for your patients and healthcare professionals.

All our modular emergency rooms are complicit with all relevant legislations. Our buildings meet all local authority building regulations and NHS specifications. Our quick and resilient portable constructions also meet all requirements for the Equality Act (2010) which ensures easy access for all your patients.

Whether you’re looking to create a standalone emergency room for disaster relief, or you need to make an addition to an existing medical facility, our team are here for you. We have worked alongside both NHS and private healthcare facilities to create unique environments for the treatment of patients.

In addition to our high-quality emergency rooms, just some of the other medical features we have utilised our pre-fabricated materials to build includes:

  • Clinics and Field Clinics.
  • Doctors Surgeries.
  • Clean Rooms.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Complete Hospitals.
  • Rehabilitation Units.
  • Quarantine Buildings.
  • Male and Female Wards.

Get in Touch with Cotaplan for Industry-Leading Modular Emergency Rooms

Here at Cotaplan, the entire construction project, including the design phase, could be completed in just a matter of weeks. That means you could be treating patients in your new emergency rooms in a very short amount of time. Our professional team have more than 30 years’ experience when it comes to delivering high quality, pre-fabricated buildings across a wide range of industries.

We have worked alongside a wide range of clients to deliver the perfect constructions to suit their needs. Our team are specialists when it comes to minimising on-site disruption during the construction work and ensuring that your standard of care doesn’t diminish throughout the project’s lifetime.

We can include any essential feature into your pre-fabricated construction to ensure you are left with the perfect medical space to suit the needs of your patients and doctors. For more information on the wide range of medical buildings that our team can provide, don’t hesitate! Get in touch with our professional team today by calling us directly on 0800 7999049. Alternatively, you can email any questions or concerns you might have to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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