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Modular Medical Buildings

Any healthcare facility needs to be dedicated to the wellbeing of its patients. That remains true of both NHS hospitals and private healthcare facilities. However, due to the lack of available space, ever-increasing number of patients and inability to expand, that is becoming more and more difficult. Traditional construction is very rarely a legitimate option, as it can take months, if not years, to build a truly usable space. In that time, the hospital itself would suffer a great deal of disruption, both in terms of accessibility and care for patients – not to mention the comfort of staff and visitors.

It is all too common for traditional construction to run into unexpected problems which can greatly slow down the entire project. Thanks to modular medical buildings, however, there is no risk of a project running over schedule or over budget. Versatile medical buildings, designed to make the most of available space and provide a unique service, offer a full range of benefits over traditional buildings. 

The Advantages Of Modular Medical Buildings

pre-fabricated medical buildings are portable constructions made from pre-fabricated materials. All of our projects are completed to a high-standard and can deliver premium results. It is essential that all healthcare facilities offer the highest possible standard or cleanliness, comfort and convenience. Thanks to modular construction, it is easier than ever to utilise your building design to great effect.

Traditional building styles often result in unsafe and unclean environments – when it comes to providing NHS hospital or private healthcare, that is unacceptable. There is also the concern that, when construction is performed primarily on-site, it is easy to cut corners which may eventually result in building issues. It isn’t always down to the builder either, as everything from the weather to passers-by can have a negative effect on the materials.

However, when your project relies on pre-fabricated materials, you can be assured that your final product will be factory quality. All major components are manufactured off-site, in a controlled environment. This also means that the final product is the cleanest and most secure form of construction available today. Modular construction is regulated severely, meaning that there can be no doubt as to finished quality of your modular medical buildings. 

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    Diverse, Flexible Health Environments For NHS Hospitals And Private Facilities

    Pre-fabricated construction offers you a wide range of choice which are impractical in traditional building. Many healthcare facilities have the issue of looking too clinical and uninviting. Thanks to the unique design opportunities with portable construction, you can create a truly welcoming space for your patients.

    You can use pre-fabricated construction to design and develop the perfect building layout for your staff and patients’ needs. Your new medical building can include anything you might feasibly need, including:

    • Comfortable and convenient hospital wards. This can include male and female wards, private wards, isolation wards and rehabilitation wards.
      • Accident and Emergency.
      • Laser Treatment.
      • Pathology.
      • Paediatrics.
      • Geriatrics.
      • Phlebotomy.
      • Surgical Pre-Op. 
    • Operating Theatres.
    • Outpatient Treatment, including rehabilitation centres for physical therapy and detox.
    • Pharmacies.
    • Non-Medical Department, such as:
      • Chaplaincy.
      • Human Resources.
      • Security.
      • Catering.

    In addition, it is easy to develop a modular medical building that stands apart or fits in with your current NHS hospital design. Depending on your available space and existing layout, you could easily integrate your additions into your existing layout. Modular medical buildings can also be single-storeyed or multi-storeyed too, meaning that you needn’t sacrifice the convenience of a single location.

    In addition, these buildings can quickly and easily be adapted to meet your changing requirements. In a few short days, you could enlarge, reduce and adapt portable medical buildings to suit your needs.


    For Premium Modular Medical Buildings, Choose Cotaplan

    At Cotaplan, we have spent more than 30 years working alongside NHS hospitals and private healthcare establishments. Our premium, flexible alternatives to traditional buildings can offer a wide range of advantages to your medical facility. Whether you’re looking to increase the number of beds you have available, improve your accessibility or require a dedicated space for a new medical department, our modular medical buildings can make all the difference.

    Our professional and experienced team of pre-fabricated construction experts will be able to provide a quick and easy installation, at a fraction of the cost of traditional building. With a minimum of hospital disruption, we will work to provide a clean, comfortable and innovative work space for your medical team. Our design team can work with you and your staff to develop the perfect layout for your new space, resulting in an intuitive design for patients, staff and visitors.

    For more information on the wide range of facilities that we can provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. You can reach our experts directly on 0800 7999049 for answers to any questions you might have. Alternatively, you can email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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