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Temporary Buildings in UK – Built by Cotaplan

If you’re planning to have building work done but require somewhere in order to carry out daily work, whether it’s teaching, dealing with customers or providing services, then a modular building could be for you.

Temporary buildings need to be erected quickly without much mess and disturbance so as to not disrupt the area. They also need to be cost-effective. Prefabricated buildings are perfect for this purpose, being built off-site to your specifications and erected at your chosen site.

Temporary Buildings in UK

Modular construction is often used for a wide range of temporary healthcare buildings at hospitals, such as specialist units; for temporary pharmacies when the main building they usual reside in is undergoing construction, and schools where repair work or traditional construction may be taking place. Temporary buildings are perfect for this use, providing a safe, comfortable environment in order for business to run as usual.

You can hire or buy temporary buildings from Cotaplan, one of the leading temporary building companies in the UK.


Temporary Building Hire

Why Should I Commission a Temporary Building?


There are a number of reasons why you may consider commissioning a temporary building, as opposed to a traditionally built bricks-and-mortar structure. Here are some of the most compelling:


Faster Build Times

Temporary buildings can be manufactured quickly in an off-site, factory setting before being installed where they are required.  Once the modules have been built and transported to the site, they can be assembled promptly and with minimal disruption.


Lower Build Costs

Thanks to the shorter build times and controlled factory-based manufacturing process, the cost of constructing a temporary building is often far less than that of a traditionally-built structure.



If the needs of your business change, your temporary building can very easily be adapted for a new purpose. What’s more, if it needs to be moved elsewhere on the site, or even to an entirely new location, this can be accomplished with relative ease.



A temporary building typically generates significantly less waste than a traditional construction project.


The Convenience of Temporary Buildings


With modular buildings being far quicker to erect, they’re perfect for use as temporary buildings and don’t require a business to relocate elsewhere. Some businesses or institutions, such as healthcare, supermarket or council buildings, will not be able to relocate to other temporary properties around the town or city. As they either own or lease the land they reside on, it makes perfect sense to hire a modular building to be stationed on their car park or land until it’s no longer required.

Our range of temporary buildings come in all shapes and sizes. We can even provide multi-storey modular buildings should you require a temporary facility that needs to hold a number of rooms or people but you’re restricted on ground space.

Whatever your project, we have a range of prefab temporary buildings to suit your needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. Call our team today free of charge on 0800 7999049.

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