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With 36 years of experience in prefabrication construction, there is nothing we don’t know about modular buildings. These buildings are far removed from the portable buildings seen on construction sites. Designed with a steel frame, modular buildings are far more durable, which is why they have been known to last 60 years. Modular construction meets the demands where time and money is a factor. Many businesses also choose modular construction because they look stylish and can be moved and adapted as business changes.


Modular buildings are adaptable by nature. For instance, your need for a portable office building may be only temporary and you may find yourself requiring your modular building for a different purpose in the future. This is one of the benefits of modular construction.

Cotaplan offer modular systems as a permanent, temporary, or long term facility. Some of the most common modular construction uses include industrial facilities, classrooms and schools. They are often used in rural and remote locations but are quickly becoming commonplace in built-up, urban areas and are used for fast-food restaurants, healthcare facilities and retail units.

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    One of the most common uses for modular buildings is in the education sector. Schools can occupy from less than 200 people upto 10,000 people. Some school buildings are just not big enough for the amount of children requiring education in an area. Traditional building methods are increasingly expensive and time consuming, Councils who are responsible for planning extra school facilities have an obligation to reduce public service costs, therefore modular constructions provide the ideal housing for learning without budgets running out of control. Modular buildings provide ideal accommodation as modular classrooms, changing rooms, sports halls, science labs and many more. Modular Buildings are suitable for all levels of education from pre-school and nurseries to schools, colleges and university campuses.


    Medical facilities are used throughout the healthcare service from doctors surgeries to hospitals. Modular systems are extremely versatile environments for healthcare authorities due to their ability to be relocated and can be adapted to various uses with little modification. With all of our prefabricated buildings designed in the factory, the on site installation becomes a seamless operation and minimises disruption to the site.


    The use of modular building systems differ depending on the individuals who occupy them. The flexibility of the construction allows us to fulfil the needs of even the most demanding or obscure applications.

    Modular systems can house dance studios, gyms, fitness centres, sports centres and halls, scout huts and community centres.

    Offering a leisure facility to a community may involve providing changing rooms and toilet facilities which can become a costly venture in a traditional build. Modular buildings can provide this as well as electric, gas and plumbing access, just as you would expect to find and require in a traditional build.

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