Modular Pathology Units by Cotaplan

Modular Pathology Units

Creating dedicated modular pathology units in your private healthcare facility or NHS hospital can be a great way of improving the pathological services in your medical space. Pathology is often ignored in favour of more patient-facing departments, but it is essential to the effective treatment of all visitors. By creating a specialist are for your pathologists to work and offer consultation to both patients and clinical physicians, you’ll be able to drastically improve the overall quality of your medical care.

Pathology departments and units require access to a wide range of technologies and equipment to effectively conduct their research and analysis. Without a dedicated, fully-equipped space, your entire hospital may struggle to diagnose a range of diseases and illnesses which could lead to misdiagnoses. Your pathology department is an extremely important part of your medical facility and, without providing it with the space it needs, your entire hospital could become far less effective.

Here at Cotaplan, we specialise in the delivery of premium medical spaces for all kinds of uses. Our modular pathology units are all designed from pre-fabricated materials to ensure complete reliability. Whether you choose to develop your pathology space as an extension or a stand-alone building is up to you, but the opportunities are endless when it comes to our industry-leading construction services.

Modular Pathology Units for Diagnosis and Treatment

Thanks to our professional team, you can provide the perfect pathology department for your NHS hospital or private healthcare facility. This space can be designed from scratch to suit your facility’s needs and support your staff in the most effective manner possible. When it comes to creating your pathology space, you will be able to equip it with:

  • Consultancy Offices.
  • Dedicated Laboratories to Identify Diseases of All Kinds.
  • Nurse’s Stations.
  • Waiting Rooms and Receptions.
  • Storage Facilities and Libraries to Facilitate Research.

There is a wide range of instruments which are used daily in the pathology labs. Thanks to modular design, you’ll create the perfect space for each of them. Just some of the instruments that we are specialists at fitting into these designs include:

  • Tissue Baths.
  • Flow Cytometers.
  • Refrigerated, Base, Ultra and Rocking Microtomes.
  • Spirometers.
  • Trephine Biopsy Needles.
  • Douglas Bags.
  • Peak Flow Meters.
  • Urinometers and Albuminometers.

The Benefits of Modular Design in a Modern Hospital

Thanks to pre-fabricated construction, hospitals and other medical centres are enjoying a complete range of advantages they could only have dreamed of half a century ago. Just some of these great advantages include:

  • Complete Reliability – Pre-fabricated constructions are made, as you would expect, from materials which have been manufactured elsewhere. That means that all the materials in use will have been created in factory conditions. When you choose to work with Cotaplan, you can also be sure that they have been rigorously tested before they arrive at your worksite. Not only does this eliminate the risk of faulty materials, but it ensures that the finished project is much more reliable and hard-wearing than other forms of construction.
  • Quick and Easy to Construct – Thanks to the intelligent design of modular pathology units, our professional team will erect the structure in an extremely short time frame. Not only does this offer the practical benefit to your medical facility in that the project will be completed that much quicker, but it also helps to reduce disruption to your entire medical facility. This is essential, particularly if the construction is taking place near wards where your patients are trying to recover from illness or surgery.
  • Completely Bespoke Design – Thanks to the sheer versatility associated with modular designs, you will be able to create a unique space for your staff to work in. This means that they aren’t forced to work around ineffective design but can, instead, take advantage of a workplace which has been designed with their requirements in mind.
  • Completely Legal – The modular pathology units designs that the Cotaplan team can provide meet with all relevant legislation. This includes NHS standards and local authority building regulations. Therefore, you will be able to equip your space with a dedicated area for pathology, without risking a low-quality build or any kind of legal trouble.

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