Prefab Modular Offices

Modular Office Buildings

Prefab Office Buildings

Considering expanding, relocating or restructuring your business services?

Are you looking for extra office space that’s versatile, cost effective and eco-efficient?

Cotaplan ltd are you’re leading manufacturer and retailer of bespoke prefabricated, demountable office buildings constructed to meet and exceed your specific needs and requirements.

Prefab office buildings come in a various shapes and sizes and cost a considerable amount less than your traditional builds which is one of the main reasons they’re becoming increasingly popular across the United Kingdom.

Acquiring a new office environment in the form of a modular office suite can guarantee you the ideal economic solution for temporary or long term growth.

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Why Invest in Prefabricated Office Buildings?

A prefabricated office building is a sustainable, affordable solution to accommodating your staff in comfortable working conditions where ever and for as long as you want. Whatever your business model, Cotaplan can disassemble and relocate your demountable offices at any time to suit you.

Prefabricated office buildings are a fantastic addition to virtually any industry offering additional operation space increasing workforce productivity. Prefabricated office buildings are heated, have wash facilities and provide a comfortable, safe working environment for your staff.

How are Demountable Office Buildings Constructed?

Demountable office buildings are constructed offsite, unlike traditional building methods, and transported to the specified location to be assembled on site.

The buildings are constructed in a factory, tailored to your specific requirements and, on average, takes up to 50% less time to complete- eliminating a very large proportion of labour/ staff costs.

The end result is a prefabricated office space that’s constructed under much scrutiny, to higher standards and in a clean and safe environment.

Interior and Exterior Portable Office Finishes

Demountable office buildings made by Cotaplan are available in a range of finishes to suit your specific vision. As our buildings are made of up to 80% of recycled materials, the finished products tend to be made of recycled plastics or recycled wood, crafted into a superior design which stands out from traditional brick building types.

Our adaptable designs suit a range of professional business types and various industries.

If you’re looking into additional office space in the form of prefab or demountable buildings, contact a member of the Cotaplan team now on 08007999049.

A Safer, More Efficient Building Environment

As prefab buildings are constructed offsite, purchasers no longer have the worry of being liable for accidents which occur on site. All risk assessments and health and safety regulations are taken care of on site at the Cotaplan Ltd warehouse.

What’s more; building demountable office buildings offsite eliminates any workplace disruptions traditional building techniques would cause.

Robust health and safety regulations are a sole priority here at Cotaplan. We go to new lengths to ensure the quality assurance and quality control protocols are independently and accurately inspected.

This examples our attention to detail and commitment to the very highest standards in every one of our builds, ensuring the quality and safety of every modular office building that we produce.

Our commitment doesn’t end there: Cotaplan takes sustainability very seriously as the need to reduce carbon emissions worldwide intensifies. We’re constantly looking at new, innovative strategies which work in reducing our impact on the environment, incorporating these into our bespoke prefabricated office buildings.

What’s more, we’re able to accommodate your building visions no matter what budget you have to work with. One of the ways we’re able to do this is by sourcing ex-stock panels (floors and ceiling) to keep your costs down.

Structurally sound projects: ☑ Delivered

Prefab offices, reception areas, education and health establishments are just some of the everyday builds we’re known for here at Cotaplan.

Our modular building projects are effective for both permanent or temporary office solutions and come with fully inclusive foundations, drainage and service connections such as gas, water and electricity.

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The Advantages of Prefab Office Buildings by Cotaplan:

☑ Reduced Construction Time

☑ Minimised Disruption Onsite

☑ Consistent Quality

☑ Financially Affordable

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Contact Cotplan now and discuss your prefab office needs. At the height of customer satisfaction, we work closely with you to deliver a demountable building which meets and exceeds your every expectation.

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